Sachin's records that Virat Kohli can break before he retires

Sachin Tendulkar is the only cricketer in history to score 100 centuries in International cricket. The India legend achieved the milestone in 2012. 

Virat Kohli is approaching Sachin Tendulkar's milestone. He needs 25 centuries to go past Sachin's tally

One of the elite milestones achieved by Sachin was becoming the quickest batsman to score 13000 ODI runs.

Virat Kohli has already scored 12898 runs in 265 innings and is set to go past Sachin's milestone soon.

Sachin Tendulkar finished his career with most Test and ODI centuries. He hit 51 Test and 49 ODI centuries

Virat Kohli has already scored 46 centuries in ODIs and just four centuries short of completing the 50-mton mark.

Sachin Tendulkar played at a time when Australia used to be in form. He slammed 20 centuries against them.

Virat Kohli has slammed 16 centuries against Australia thus far and can go past Sachin' tally

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