Best Sport Predictions For The Next Season

As the new season in the American sports is coming, here are the sports predictions for the next season including NFL, MLB and MLS.

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Best Sport Predictions For The Next Season

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For sports fans around the world, predictions are a crucial part of being a supporter. They give you the run down not only on your team and how they should progress in the season to come, but on your opponents too and who you should look out for. Predictions are also a great help when it comes to placing sports bets and give you a better chance of winning. Platforms like BetMGM Maryland sportsbook allow you to place your bets, as well as take advantage of a range of bonuses and promotions.

If you're interested in finding the best sports predictions for next season, whether it's NFL, baseball, or soccer, read on to find out more.

NFL predictions for 2022

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Although the NFL season for 2022/23 doesn't kick off until September, it's never too soon to start making predictions of how it may turn out for the teams! There are many factors that can affect predictions going into the next season such as the success of certain teams off the back of the season past, as well as off-season additions to the team. Sometimes, the best thing we can do is wait and see — but here are a few results that may ring true next season.

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Miami Dolphins

There are a few games, seven in total that the Miami Dolphins need to win if they're going to consider themselves contenders for the playoffs. Playing the way they have been and pulling it out of the bag means that the Miami Dolphins should get over the line with 8.5.

New England Patriots

If the Patriots are looking to hit the over, there are a few things they need to take care of going into the next season. They will need to make sure that the coaching staff can take on necessary roles to ensure they're building a strong defence and address problems like the linebacker and cornerback positions.

New York Jets

The New York Jets have been building from the ground up with improvements in coaching and on the field. The Jets should surely be able to win six games and should be giving it their all next season. All eyes will be on quarterback Zach Wilson and his development throughout the year.

MLB Predictions for the season

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Major League Baseball is one of the most followed sports in the US, with fans not just in America but all over the world too. The seasons are broken up into three parts, pre-season, regular season and post-season. The pre-season is training to get fit and work to get in shape for the coming season. With the regular season packed full of gruelling games that run from April to late September, here are some of the predictions going into 2022.

2022 MVP

One of the bold claims made before the MLB season started was that Yankees all-star Joey Gallo, in his prime could receive votes for 2022 MLB MVP. He is expected to find himself in the conversation around MVP and we are all expecting to see him hit a high batting average, resulting in more home runs for Gallo and more victories for the Yankees.

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Milwaukee Brewers

With quality pitchers galore at their disposal this season, The Brewers are expected to use their elite pitching credentials to bring home the World Series win in 2022. They have always been an under the radar kind of team, but don't sleep on them this year. Their rotation features three of the biggest stars in baseball today, all dominant in how they play — look out for The Brewers as the season plays out.

MLS Predictions

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Major league soccer is the top soccer league in the US and with the 2022 season running from February to October, let's take a look at some of the predictions for this year.

New England Revolution

Due to New England Revolutions Supporters' Shield success, the trophies are set to continue into the 2022 season. Playing to such a high standard in 2021, they have no reason to stop now and settle with what they've achieved. Expect to see this team storming the MLS cup race in the months to come.

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New York City FC

Kings of the MLS, this team boasts new and talented players, with plenty of midfield capacity. They have a couple of open spots to fill this season, so with any luck, they could end up with an even stronger team. New York City FC has shown that they're able to work out the play-offs, so in the upcoming season, there's nothing to stop them from being the team to beat!

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