Women In Sports: 15 Iconic Images In Women Sport

In the fifth episode of Women In Sports, we've listed out the top 15 iconic images in women sport, that inspired the whole world.

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Women In Sports: 15 Iconic Images In Women Sport

Women in sports always found it hard to make their progression. However, in recent times, women have made name for themselves in the sports industry. Not only that women in sports have started taking over men and asking for equality every time they step on the field. Therefore this gives us the opportunity to speak about all those Iconic Images In Women Sport that made the change. SportzPoint recognizes the efforts of all of the women who made historical moves for the betterment of women in sports. If you have not checked our previous episodes of "Women In Sports", check it here.

In the fifth episode of Women In Sports, we will list out the top 15 iconic images in women sport, that inspired the whole world.

Women In Sports: 15 Iconic Images In Women Sport

There are tons of moments in women sports that needs the love, appreciation and respect from all around the world. Every women who tried to bring a change should be applauded. However, we have tired to list out those moments that was iconic in the sense that made a change. Or you can say it promotes the women power and real feminism in the women sport.

Disclaimer: The photos are randomly ranked, every photo is valuable and should not be compared to each other. Also, we do not own the photos presented here. We have tried to give credit to all of the owner or photographer (if known). Yet, if someone has any information about the real owner or the photographer, kindly contact us.

Brandi Chastain and the famous sports bra

Embedded from Getty Images

In the 1999 Women's World Cup final against China, the game was even till the last penalty. USA's Brandi Chastain scored the final penalty to make the scoreline 5-4 for them and celebrated like one "Man" would do. Her celebration was perfect the perfect example of having a strong, equal mindset. That moment made sure women all around the world could be as strong and look as athletic as men.

"casting off the burden of everything that kept us down and said, 'You can't do that because you are a woman.' It was a moment that screamed, 'Yes, I can.'" : Marlene Bjornsrud

Kerri Strug and 1996 Olympics

Image Courtesy: Olympic Channel

The USA gymnastics team were in the verge of winning their first ever gold in 1996 Atlanta Games. But, their gymnast Kerri Strug was injured. During her volt, she had torn her medial and lateral ligaments in the ankle and could not even move. With 9.493 needed in the last attempt, Strug competed with a broken ankle and score 9.712 for the USA team to win their first ever gold in gymnastics. The image shows how Strug was carried by coach Karolyi on to the podium.

"The Olympics is about more than gold medals. It's about human spirit, the heart and the drive that a lot of athletes have and human beings have in general,"– Strug on that moment.

Billie Jean King and the "battle of the sexes"

A 29 year old female tennis player Billie Jean King battled Bobby Riggs, a 55 year old male tennis player in 1973 at the Houston Astrodome. King won the game in three straight sets making it one of the greatest moments in sports history. This is one of the most the most iconic moment in battle for the equality among he sexes.

London Olympics 2012 and a Victory for Women

Image- Statathlon

London Olympics was called the "Women's Game" as there were women from every single country competing in the game. This picture makes the gender-equality movement strong and inspires everyone to take up the game as a woman or girl. Thus, this had to be one of the most iconic images in women sport.

Katherine Switzer and the Boston Marathon

Katherine Switzer was one of the first women in the world who stood for the gender-equality rights. Till 1967 women were barred from running the marathon. They are told to be not strong enough to run the longest. But, Katherine never thought that way. In 1967 she registered herself as KV Switzer to run the Boston Marathon. The image shows how an official tried to stop her. But with the help of a body block from her boyfriend, Switzer evaded the official and finished the race in four hours 20 minutes. The moment is said to the ground-breaking moment for the women's rights movement.

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Serena Willams and the 23rd Grand Slam

Image Courtesy: Bachelor Report

Named as the "Queen of Tennis", Serena is a legend of the game. The image reflects the moment when she beat her own sister Venus to win her 23rd Grand Slam title in 2017. This is an open era record with men and women included. Serena was also two weeks pregnant at that time. She told that she got to know about the pregnancy only before the start of the tournament.

This is one of the Iconic Images In Women Sport when we talk about female athletes and motherhood.

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Ada Hegerberg and the Ballon d'Or

Image Courtesy:

In 2018, Ada Hegerbreg became the first female Ballon d'Or winner. This was the first time the Ballon d'Or Féminin was introduced. It is not the fact here. Perhaps, the actual fact of that picture is, after that award, she refused to play for the Norway team in the Women's World Cup as there is no equal pay structure for the female footballers even after the success.

Ronda Rousey and the UFC.

Image: MMA Fighting

In 2012, Ronda Rousey became the first-ever female mixed-martial art fighter to be signed by UFC. This photo is also about strength and gender equality in women in sports.

Even, it was told that Ronda was as strong as anyone in the men's division with the same weight category.

Japan and the 2011 Women's World Cup

Image Courtesy: FIFA

In 2011, Japan Women's National Football Team won the FIFA Women's World Cup. They became the first ever Asian team (men or women) to win any football world cup. Against all the odds, the Japan girls showed what actual determination and hard work means.

Mary Kom – The World Champion

Image Courtesy: Reddifamil

This might be one of the inspirational pictures in the recent history of women in sports in India. Mary Kom, 35 wins the World Boxing Championship for the record sixth time. Tears in her eyes suggest how much it meant to her and the whole nation. She returned to the ring after giving berth to her third child.

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The Sister Survivors

Image Courtesy: NPR

This is regarded as one of the most iconic moment in the battle with sexual abuse in women's sport. More than 150 female players gave their witness as USA Gymnastic doctor Larry Nassar was sentenced to 175 years in jail for sexually abusing players during his work time.

The image is clicked when all of the 150 women were felicitated at the 2018 ESPYS. This moment is called, "a portrait of survival, a new vision of courage".

This is one of the most Iconic Images In Women Sport when one talks about fights against sexual abuse.

Megan Rapinoe and the "Iconic Celebration"

Megan Rapione is one of the most famous female soccer players in the world and advocate of LGBTQ community. After scoring two goals in the quarter-final against France in the 2019 Women's World Cup, she struck that pose.

That moment was to celebrate the win against inequality and fight for the right. The USA women's team had filed a lawsuit for equal pay before the 2019 Women's World Cup. That is said to be the one of most iconic images in Women's World Cup history.

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Danica Patrick: Indy Car Race 2008

Image Courtesy: Paddock Eye

So, how many times you have heard this, "women can't drive". Rather they can and they can drive fast as well. In 2008, 26-year-old Danica Patrick wins the Indy Japan 300 at Twin Ring Motegi in Motegi, Japan.

Danica made history by becoming the first ever female to win the IndyCar racing history.

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Mo'ne Davis and Little League World Series

Image Credit- Wall Street Journal

In 2014, Mo'ne Davis became the first-ever African-American girl to play in the Little League World Series. The Acer from Pennsylvania was also the first girl to pitch a complete-game shutout in Williamsport. This photo was in the Sports-Illustrated Cover as well. This is one of the Iconic Images In Women Sport or baseball history.

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Kimia Alizadeh Zenoorin: Rio Olympics 2016

Iran is one of the most conservative countries when it comes to women sports. But, when the final buzzer rang in the bronze medal bout in the 57-kg category, women's sports history was changed forever. The 18-year old Taekwondo athlete became the first-ever Iranian female athlete to win an Olympic Medal, in Rio Olympics 2016.

This iconic picture is all about grit, passion and courage. Though, women sports in Iran is still facing major issues. Though, this was a start indeed.

All of the pictures above are iconic in their own way. Every photo describes the fight, heart and soul of every women athlete in the world. There are still hundreds of iconic photos in women's sports. We will try to cover all of them in our series Women in sports.

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