College Football VS College Basketball- Which Is More Popular Students?

Which is more popular with students? College football or college basketball?
College Football VS College Basketball- Which Is More Popular Students?

Sport is a fundamental part of a student's life. Some people see sports as a means of getting away from life to relax or a time to bond with friends.

People enjoy sports differently. What suits your taste, might not appeal to another person. There has been a forever-long argument on "is football better than basketball?", "Why is football better than basketball?"

The rivalry between the two sports is intense and dramatic.

These two sports have been around for a long time and are both interesting.

Both basketball and football have a large fanbase, but one is more vocal than the other.

The fans invest their emotions into each game, team, and player. Some even invest their money by placing bets on the NCAAB odds.

So, which sport is more popular among students, basketball or football?

College Football VS College Basketball


Football is a sport that most Americans love.

Football appeals to many people and it does it differently. It could be the determination and ferocity of what football represents that appeals to each person.

Football is the most famous betting sport in the United States.

College football is famous and one other reason for its popularity is the super bowl games. The super bowl is an annual game that gives teams the ability to showcase their talents.

Sports in general is a huge part of the American college experience, having a good team to support helps bring students together. It also serves as a bridge between students and their communities, these sports are much more than games.

Football has been around since the 1800s.

Since the 1800s till now, it has grown to be one of the biggest sports in the world.

Football didn't have it easy as it was banned for centuries after its appearance in 1863, due to violent outbreaks, but it reappeared in the early 1800s.

Football was introduced to every college and its popularity grew.


Basketball had it more leisurely than football in terms of coming into the limelight.

Basketball was first introduced in 1892 by James Naismith and people loved it immediately, it was a hit.

News about this game spread rapidly and in three years, the rules of the game were refined which led to the first intercollegiate game between Minnesota school and Hamline college in the year 1895.

Apart from the men's game, the women's game was fast gaining ground, and the first women's game was conducted soon after.

Basketball has grown over the years into one of the largest and most popular college sports in the United States.

Basketball is a high-intensity game with lots of movement and high energy.

Reports show that about 58 percent of Americans love college basketball. The fanbase of basketball is quite large and the country goes crazy for the sport.

The Workout Aspect

In football, a player has to train for about 30 hours per week. 

The training also depends on if they have games that week.

Football players alternate between light workouts, gym sessions, and HIIT workouts.

Basketball players have to go through 40 hours a week of rigorous training every time throughout the year.

A basketball player has to work out in the gym and train with his squad. Basketball players must attend rehabilitative massage and must constantly work on getting fit.

The routine is also the same for players in college since they still require the same effort and physical fitness.

Both players must be physically strong and should be able to defend themselves against the opposition.

Strength is very crucial in both games.

In basketball, If a player is hit over the shoulder by another player, it is considered foul play, while in football, it is considered a fair tackle.

Players need to be physically fit to play both games, but basketball players need to be more physically fit.


Football is more famous among students and largely dominates most colleges in Europe and South America, while basketball is well-known in US colleges.

Both basketball and football are well known worldwide, but football has an advantage because it is played at a higher level.

Students prefer college football over college basketball due to its global appeal and because the points scored matter more than in basketball.

College Football is more popular and will always be the best sport for most students.

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