How Do NBA Players Spend Their Downtime?

Unveiling the Off-Court Lives of NBA Players: From Rest to Online Casino Games, Here's How They Spend Their Downtime

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How Do NBA Players Spend Their Downtime?

Have you ever wondered what NBA players do during their downtime? NBA players have 82 games a season (and more if they make the playoffs), which means that a lot of their time is taken up by playing games, traveling all across the States (and occasionally into Canada), training, working out, and team meetings. This means that the small amount of downtime that NBA players get is important, so it is vital that they make the most out of this limited time. There are a few activities that are popular among NBA players during their downtime that help them temporarily forget about basketball and recharge.


Being an NBA player is incredibly demanding, both physically and mentally. Therefore, rest is vital when it comes to downtime. NBA players will spend much of their free time simply relaxing at home, recovering from the demands of the job.

Online Casino Games

Following this, many NBA players like to play different types of games when resting. Games like online casino games can be great fun, allowing NBA players to briefly forget about basketball and enjoy their free time. NBA players do not get many opportunities to visit real-life casinos, so online casinos can be a great alternative and provide the ability to play poker, roulette, blackjack, and other casino games from the comfort of home or on the road. You can also look on review sites for the best online casino bonuses Australia has to take advantage of deals and promotions.

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Although basketball is a job, it is also a passion for NBA players. Therefore, it is not surprising that many will spend their downtime practicing, whether this is working on their shooting, dribbling, strength training, or improving their fitness.

Family Time

Many basketball fans dream of playing in the NBA, but it is not quite as glamorous as it might seem. NBA players must spend a lot of their time away from home playing an 82-game season (and possibly the playoffs) in cities all over the US and Canada (Toronto). This can take its toll, so it is important that NBA players spend quality time with family at every opportunity.

Business Ventures

You will find that many NBA players also have business ventures on the side. While the star players around the league will make eye-watching money each season that will set them and their families up for life, other NBA players do not earn as much (although many do still have other businesses). Many pursue ventures on the outside that will help them maintain a high standard of living once they hang up the boots.


Community Work

You will frequently see NBA players involved in community and charity work, which is fantastic to see. Of course, this is often part of the contract that they have with their team, but many partake in community work and philanthropic work on their own time. Many NBA players understand how lucky they are and will use their profile and resources to effect positive change in their communities to help those less fortunate.

Mental Wellness

As mentioned, life as an NBA player can be incredibly physically and mentally demanding. NBA players are under enormous pressure to perform to a high standard, and during a time of social media, many experience hate and negative comments. Therefore, it is no surprise that mental wellness is an important part of downtime for players. This can include meditation, mindfulness, spending time with loved ones, and therapy.

Downtime is precious to an NBA player, so it is vital that they have activities that they can turn to that will help them to recharge and recover. The above are a few of the main ways that NBA players do this and activities that help them manage the demands of life in the NBA.

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