The close relationship between Boxing and Casinos

Historically, many of the most important fights have been held at casinos and in this article, we show you why and how it is evolving in the modern era.

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The close relationship between Boxing and Casinos | Sportz Point

Boxing is not just a sport; it is a cultural phenomenon that has been around for centuries. It has had many different forms of expression over time and continues to grow in popularity, yet it has always been about entertainment and it has always had a close with betting. But have you ever wondered why most fights are usually held at casino venues? This article intends to answer exactly that!

A brief history of this billion-dollar industry

Boxing is one of the most popular and widely practiced sports in the world, with an estimated 2.5 billion people watching professional and amateur boxing matches every year. This contact sport has roots in ancient Greece and even though it was banned throughout Europe in 1819 due to violence surrounding it, not only does it still exist today but it's even considered one of the most popular individual sports.

In the past, there were many instances where men would have a personal dispute that led to a fight. They often had to find an open-air arena they could use for the fight and some form of rules or regulations as well as witnesses to ensure some sort of civility within that somewhat barbaric act. As the fights gain popularity, people would start to agree on terms, such as only allowing fist blows above the waistline, to the point it gain a sport status.

Modern boxing is said to have flourished in New York City, where the first organized fights were held in the late 19th century. Since then, it has evolved through the years according to modern requirements. For example, nowadays amateur boxers are required to wear headgear, sometimes even a full-face helmet, to protect their faces from head injuries.

How did the relationship with casinos start?

Since the early days of boxing, gambling has been an integral part of the sport, and that was also one of the reasons for its infamy during the early 20th century. So it's only natural that casinos, which have also had a turbulent relationship with the law, would find it a great venue for their own needs.

Furthermore, once the banning on both the sport and gambling was lifted and replaced by strict regulations, many of the experienced boxing promoters were also involved in the establishment of some of the most prestigious and long-lasting casinos in places such as Las Vegas, USA. Therefore, the first forms of live entertainment they came up with were naturally boxing fights. Additionally, with boxing games and even boxing-themed slot machines, casinos were and continue to be able to offer more excitement and adventure. To this day, casinos are still the most popular places for boxing to take place, despite the growing popularity of crypto betting.

Benefits for both sides

As previously mentioned, boxing matches have a long history of being hosted at casinos, as they were the only venues where people could legally bet on them. However, nowadays casinos still want to host these exciting fights because they are a source of revenue and they allow people to join in the excitement and gamble on their favorite fighter's victory.

In the United States, casinos are required to have written contracts with boxing promoters, which specify what the latter will receive in terms of revenue and specifically detail how much control the casino has. In addition, these contracts must outline which parties are responsible for what. For example, it is up to the promoter to decide which venue the fight will take place in and it is up to them to pay for all necessary medical expenses. The promoter also handles all advertising efforts outside of television and radio rights.

Likewise, since boxing is a sport that requires the utmost skill and fortitude, not to mention time, commitment, and effort, it is no surprise that fighters are usually financially-challenged youngsters looking to better their lives, while other staff and people related to it are often wealthy. Also, boxers would have to spend hours training before each fight and would have to travel hundreds of miles for each bout, a series of expenses that are most of the time covered by agents and promoters. This is why boxing events are typically held in large venues that can accommodate the biggest amount of spectators in order to generate more money.

A lot of professional boxers are drawn to the benefits they can get from holding boxing events at casinos. These events offer a fun, exciting, and lucrative experience for both boxers and fans. Revenues from these events also help to keep fighters motivated for future events. Additionally, boxing fans are known to take part in the sport either by watching it in person or betting on the outcome, as most of them have a favorite boxer and are willing to bet on them, which has led to many boxing events being promoted as "gambling events", creating the need for an especial permit that casinos usually already possess.

Finally, the public benefits from assisting in a boxing match at a casino by being entertained and having the opportunity to place their bets on the fight. The act of betting on boxing matches is still illegal in many countries and states, but not in the casinos. Furthermore, a recent study showed that boxing fans are a big part of the gambling industry. Numerous casinos also offer sportsbooking services, allowing boxing fans to bet on their favorite fighters and events. These establishments can offer value bets, props, live betting, and wagering capabilities, all of them within the framework of legality.

How technology has affected boxing fight ticket selling

The rise of streaming services has had a huge impact on boxing ticket sales. In the past 7 years, the number of people who watch boxing fights live or on TV has decreased by nearly 75%. This means that there are fewer opportunities for people to attend boxing matches in person. However, it also means fewer tickets are being sold because fans can watch their favorite boxers compete online.

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