Cricket in India - best cricket betting sites

Everything you need to know about the cricket betting sites in India. Get the overview information on cricket pros & cons, general overview of the Indian gambling sector, overview of cricket rules as well as professional recommendations and tips on how to start gambling on cricket successfully

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Cricket betting in India

Cricket in India - best cricket betting sites

Cricket is the top team sport in India and mainly because cricket is more adaptable. Fans can be found even among teenagers, which advertise this sport in the best way. When people play a lot of cricket, it's only natural that they would like to watch professional players play. For that reason, online betting for cricket became the top sport to invest in among Indians. 

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Cricket: main rules 

To discover cricket in detail, below we will outline the basic rules and not trivial ones, which few people might know. Cricket rules are set by the ICC Rules and Regulations, which are the Rules and Regulation that is followed by most Cricket players around the world.

  • Rule of Running the non-striker outThe Rule of running out the non-striker before delivering the ball. The Bowler is allowed to run the batsman at the nonstriking end if the non-striker is out of his crease before the ball is bowled. This is popularly called "Mankading" after the Indian player "Vinoo Mankad" who had done it for the first time in the series against Australia in 1947/48.
  • Only two fielders are allowed behind the square on the leg side in all forms of cricket (including Test cricket).
  • In One-day cricket and T20 cricket, a minimum of two fielders (other than the bowler and wicket-keeper) have to be deployed in the close infield (which is the 15-yard circle) in the mandatory powerplay.

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Cricket: additional rules (with Updates from 2020)

There are some additional rules:

  • The new rules include changes in bat size which will give some help to bowlers. The bat must not exceed four and a quarter inches in the widest part; it must not be more than thirty-eight inches in length.
  • There can be seen changes in rules of run-outs which are beneficial to batsmen.
  • There are rules in favor of umpires also as now they can send off players for their misbehavior.
  •  If any fieldsman stops the ball with his bat, the ball shall be considered dead, and the opposite party shall add five runs to their score. If any are run they shall have five in all.
  • The wicket-keeper shall not take the ball for stumping until it shall have passed the wicket; he shall not move until the ball is out of the bowler's hand; he shall not by any noise incommode the striker; and if any part of his person be over or before the wicket, although the ball hit, the striker shall not be out.
  • After the delivery of six balls, the umpire must call "Over," but not until the ball shall be finally settled in the wicket-keeper's or bowler's hand; the ball then shall be considered dead: nevertheless, if an idea is entertained that either of the strikers is out, a question may be put previously to, but not after, the delivery of the next ball.

These rules should be considered before you'll start betting on cricket matches. 

Cricket betting: best websites

Cricket betting: best websites

The first thing you need to decide is the website you're betting on. There are numerous gambling platforms, offering cricket betting, however, the following are the most trustworthy: 

  1. Parimatch 
  2. Melbet
  3. Betway
  4. 1win
  5. 1xbet

All of the above websites are: 

  • Licensed 
  • Offer secure software with regular updates to protect your data
  • Offer multiple bonuses on your first deposits 
  • Accept deposits in INR (Indian rupees)
  • Offer highest odds 
  • Quick in transaction proceeding 


Cricket betting: tips before betting 

Once you've chosen the website for cricket betting, let's discover the crucial tips for you to start with. 

  1. Betting on long-term markets is the easiest way to make money from betting.
  2. Make the research. There are some factors like being aware of the weather, players' mindset, their previous performance, dealing with the other party, your knowledge, presence of mind and big fat Luck will make you good in this field.
  3. Limit your budget. As for a newcomer, we highly recommend you divide your budget into many small bets and place them on all the platforms mentioned above. This will protect you from losing money in one place within 1 silly mistake or underestimation of a cricket team. 

Important notice! In case you are going to try Fantasy Cricket - please, keep in mind that there is always a risk. The problem is that because fantasy sports are usually cheap to enter there is a great deal of competition and to beat this competition you need to do quite a lot of work for no real guarantee of any reward. There is lots of feedback from players who invested their money in Fantasy cricket (or any other sport) and the prize money simply went down to the gambling operator.

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