"I fear Mahi bhai's brain": Ishan Kishan reveals his experience with MS Dhoni

Ishan Kishan is one of the most talented young players in Indian cricket. He is the second most expensive Indian player in IPL history.

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"I fear Mahi bhai's brain": Ishaan Kishan reveals his experience with MS Dhoni | SportzPoint.com

Ishan Kishan is one of the most talented and skilled young players in Indian cricket. Understanding his potential and caliber, Mumbai Indians made the most expensive purchase in IPL 2022 mega auction for Ishan Kishan. He is now the second most expensive Indian player in the history of IPL auctions.


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The young batter was seen in a fun conversation with Gaurav Kapoor in Breakfast with Champions. He shared the fun and emotional moments of his cricketing journey and the memorable instances while meeting some of the legends in Indian cricket. Ishan spoke on the moments from joining the Mumbai Indians in IPL to joining the Indian cricket team and playing with some of the best cricketers.

His story of becoming a wicketkeeper is quite an interesting one. When Gaurav asked him whether Dhoni inspired him to become a wicketkeeper, Ishan shared, "No, no, no. I was always a keeper. I wanted to do something that keep me busy throughout the entire innings. So I took up keeping. Actually, our keeper was injured a day before the match one time so the coaches told me to play as the keeper. I, in fact, took 3-4 diving catches that day. I enjoyed it and I had more fun while knocking off the stumps. And that is when I started wicketkeeping and continued it."

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In my head, I was wondering what Dhoni bhai has told him: Ishan Kishan on Dhoni

On being asked, "In the wicket-keeping business, what have you learned from MS?" Ishan replied with how Dhoni taught him hand movements. Our hand moves in a different way when there is an edge. But he taught me that my hand movement should only move to a small extent. Once this becomes a habit then you will be able to catch even edges."

The funniest part of the interview was when Ishan said that he is more scared of figuring out how Dhoni's mind works than his keeping. "Do you know what stressed me out the most in one IPL match? You won't believe it when I say it. I was playing well and was hitting the bowlers too. But then Dhoni bhai started talking to the bowler. I didn't even hear what he said to Imran Tahir (the bowler). And in my head, I was wondering what Dhoni bhai has told him. I fear Mahi bhai's brain. After that, I didn't understand what happened but there was a half volley-ball. I tried to drive it and got caught at short third man. Till today I haven't figured out how a batter trying to drive a spinner, gets caught at the short third man."

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