India vs Pakistan Head-to-Head Records in Asia Cup history

India vs Pakistan head-to-head battle: In 15 matches India managed to win on nine occasions while Pakistan managed a win five times.

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Cricket matches between India and Pakistan have always been some of the most highly anticipated encounters in the cricketing calendar year. In addition to being extremely high-octane affairs, the clashes are laced with history.

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Since the inception of the Asia Cup way back in 1984, India and Pakistan have locked horns with each other on 16 occasions. Of those 15 matches, India has emerged victorious nine times. Pakistan, on the other hand, has only managed to overcome the challenge presented by the Men in Blue five times. One of their matches came to an end with no result.

India vs Pakistan Head-to-Head Records in Asia Cup history |

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India boasts of an undefeated record against Pakistan in T20I in the tournament, winning the only match that was played between the two countries in that particular format. Pakistan, however, has managed to accumulate five wins against India in the ODI format in the tournament.

The two nations first went toe-to-toe against each other in the first edition of the Asia Cup in 1984 at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium in Sharjah, UAE, with India emerging triumphant.

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The teams have gone up against each other in every edition of the tournament since, presenting some of the most entertaining clashes in world cricket. Their most recent clash in the Asia Cup took place in 2018 at the Dubai International Stadium in Dubai, UAE, where India thrashed Pakistan with 9 wickets.

India vs Pakistan Results in the Asia Cup history

Match No. Winner Margin (Runs/Wickets) MOM Year
1. India 54 runs Surinder Khanna 1984
2. India 4 wickets Arshad Ayub 1988
3. Pakistan 97 runs Aaqib Javed 1995
4. No Result No Result No Result 1998
5. Pakistan 44 runs Mohammad Yousuf 2000
6. Pakistan 59 runs Shoaib Malik 2004
7. India 6 wickets Suresh Raina 2008
8. Pakistan 8 wickets Younis Khan 2008
9. India 3 wickets Gautam Gambhir 2010
10. India 6 wickets Virat Kohli 2012
11. Pakistan 1 wicket Mohammad Hafeez 2014
12. India 5 wickets Virat Kohli 2016
13. India 8 wickets Bhuvneshwar Kumar 2018
14. India 9 wickets Shikhar Dhawan 2018
15. India 5 wickets Hardik Pandya 2022
16. Pakistan 5 wickets Mohammad Nawaz 2022
India vs Pakistan Head-to-Head Records in Asia Cup history |

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