IPL will take over cricket just like football:"" Ravi Shastri

Will IPL take over the world cricket in future? Discussed in a recent talk show where Ravi Shastri mentioned it will happen like football.

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IPL 2023 is going on and the craze of IPL is all over the world. In a recent talk show on Cricinfo, it has been discussed about the future of world cricket and whether IPL is going to take over it. Ravi Shastri said that IPL will take over cricket just like it happened in football. Earlier it was reported that the IPL teams and international stars were in informal contract discussions.

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"We have seen that it slowly shift over the last couple of years. We see IPL teams play other franchises around the world. The reason it is talked about is each IPL team looking to get a bigger footprint in the game. It might not be financially beneficial for them doing that but they looking at the long-term benefit of having a greater strike of time in the game in the calendar year" Says Tom Moody.

There are a number of players from a number of leading countries who have evolved conversations with IPL franchises. There's a possibility of contracts that will help them play in multiple leagues for the franchise. There are six English players, including some internationals reportedly were approached by IPL franchise owners. Later they were asked whether they would be open to a deal where the owner of the franchise would be their main employer instead of the board or county.

"It's inevitable that it's going to go that direction because look at the volume of people in this country. We have 1.4 billion only. Only eleven can play for India. What do the others do? What do the other 60-70 do? If they have an opportunity to play white ball cricket and it's their strength globally across different franchises around the world, they'll grab that opportunity. It's common sense, it's their living, it's their income and nobody will be able to deprive them if they're not contracted by the BCC." says Ravi Shastri.

Not just England but also the players from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and West Indies are connected as well. If we can see that international cricket will shape away like a franchise format, it will be very interesting to watch.

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