Kolkata Club Cricket Exclusive: Second division's one of the successful lot joins Uttarpali Milan Sangha in the hope of a promotion

Uttarpalli Milan Sangha have signed Kolkata Club Cricket's one of the most successful group of players in the hope of a promotion.

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Uttarpali Milan Sangha have signed one of the most successful players of Kolkata Club Cricket's second division in the hope of a promotion this season. They have brought in experienced players like Anup Barick, Monomit Mitra and Amit Banerjee to get promotion to the first division of the Kolkata Club Cricket competition.

Players like Anup Barick, Deepak Prasad, Raja Yadav, and Monomit Mitra, along with Jayanta Dutta, have successfully taken many teams to the first division from the second division in the last few seasons. Their vast experience playing in Kolkata Club cricket works like magic for them every season

Not to forget, all of these players have already played for nearly ten years in the first-division competition and then moved on to second-division to help teams rank up the ladder. Monomit Mitra, their prime left spinner, feels there is no magic other than hard work and unity. "No, no, there is no secret to success. The main thing is that all of us have been playing cricket for a long time now, and most importantly, all of us mostly played together as well. So, this bonding helps a lot when the tough time comes. I would say unity is our secret to success," Monomit Mitra told Sportz Point.

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Jayanta Dutta, their captain on and off the field, echoed his fellow teammates' thoughts. He is the man behind taking this group of cricketers to second-division clubs and then helping them win the league title. "First of all, all of these players are really, really good. They all have spent more than a decade in Kolkata Maidan to know everything about Kolkata Club Cricket. Moreover, we all play together every time. So, we know each other like a family. Not only on the field but off the field as well," Jayanta Dutta told Sportz Point.

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Their batting lineup consisting Anup Barick, Deepak Prasad, Sk. Md. Sharukh, Abhishek Mitra is one of the lethal lineups in the Kolkata Club Cricket competition. Allrounder Raja Yadav along with left-arm spinners Amit Banerjee and Monomit Mitra need no introduction. With a strong and experienced team like this, Uttarpali Milan Sangha fans can hope for glory in a long time.

Kolkata Cricket Club Exclusive: Second division's one of the successful lot joins Uttarpali Milan Sangha in hopes of a promotion | Sportz Point

Uttarpalli Milan Sangha players and club officials after their sign at Eden Gardens, Kolkata.

Uttarpalli Milan Sangha squad for the upcoming Kolkata Club Cricket season

Jayanta Dutta, Deepak Prasad, Abhishek Mitra, Priyankar, Sk. Md. Sharukh, Anup Kumar Barick, Mithun Dutta, Amit Banerjee, Monomit Mitra, Joydeep Roy, Raja Yadav, Sushanta Patra

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