Most Test Centuries for England

Joe Root scored his 29th Test Century and He is now just 5 centuries away from becoming the batsman with the most test centuries for England.

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The Nation England has produced some extraordinary Batsmen in Cricket. They have impressed Cricket fans from all over the world with their achievements and glory. The test is considered the Best Format in Cricket. England has & had some players who are the best among many in the world of Test Cricket. Sir Jack Hobbs is considered the Best Test Batsman for England in Tests. He has scored 5410 runs in just 102 innings with 15 centuries and 28 half-centuries. In recent times of greats, Alastair Cook has proven himself one of the greatest if not the greatest for England in Test Format as he has every right due to his achievements. Now, Let's give a look at the list of the Top 5 Batsmen with the most test centuries for England.

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Top 5 Batsmen with the Most Test Centuries for England:

Alastair Cook | 33 Centuries

Most Test Centuries: Alastair Cook | Sportz Point

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Alastair Cook is one of the greats in Test Cricket of this generation. He made his debut against India in 2006 for the national team in Test Cricket. Cook played 161 Test matches in which he batted 291 innings. He scored 12,472 runs with an average of 45.35. His highest score was 294 and he made 33 centuries and 57 half-centuries for his team. Cook played his last Test Match against India in 2018. He is the top scorer for England and also the batsman with the most centuries in Test Format.

Joe Root | 29 Centuries

Most Test Centuries: Joe Root | Sportz Point

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Joe Root has already written his name in the history books for England in Test Format. Root made his debut in 2012 against team India and since then he has played 129* test matches. He has scored 10,853 runs with an average of 50. Joe Root is only 4 centuries away from Cook to touch his record and 5 away from becoming the new record holder for England with the most centuries in Test Cricket.

Kevin Pietersen | 23 Centuries

Most Test Centuries: Kevin Pietersen | Sportz Point

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Kevin Pietersen has proved himself across every format for England. He made his Test debut in 2005 against the Australian side at Lords. Pietersen played 104 test matches, in which he scored 8181 runs with an average of 47.29. He played his last test match against Australia in 2014. Kevin Pietersen is third on the list with 23 Centuries.

Wally Hammond | 22 Centuries

Walter Hammond | Sportz Point

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The judgment of cricket history is that the greatest batsmen the game has known are - WG Grace, Jack Hobbs, Walter Hammond, and Don Bradman. Others may come close indeed to those four but do not quite take place with them. Hammond made his test debut against South Africa in 1927. He played 85 test matches and scored 7249 runs with an average of 58.45. He is 4th on the list with 22 test centuries. The Great Walter Hammond played his last Test match against New Zealand in 1947.

Colin Cowdrey | 22 Centuries

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Colin Cowdrey mostly known as Michael Cowdrey played Cricket for 21 years, One of the most durable batsmen in the history of Test Cricket. Cowdrey made his test debut in 1954 against the Aussies and played 114 matches, scoring 7624 runs with an average of 44.06. He is 5th on the list with the same no as Wally Hammond, 22 centuries. Michael Cowdrey played his last test match in 1975 against the Australian side.

Top 10 Players with the Most Centuries in Test Cricket for England:

Player Span Matches Innings Runs HS Average 100 50
Alastair Cook 2006-2018 161 291 12472 294 45.35 33 57
Joe Root 2012-2023 129* 236 10853 254 50.01 29 56
Kevin Pietersen 2005-2014 104 181 8181 227 47.28 23 35
Walter Hammond 1927-1947 85 140 7249 336* 58.45 22 24
Michael Cowdrey 1954-1975 114 188 7624 182 44.06 22 38
G Boycott 1964-1982 108 193 8114 246* 47.72 22 42
Ian Bell 2004-2015 118 205 7727 235 42.69 22 46
Andrew Strauss 2004-2012 100 178 7037 177 40.91 21 27
KF Barrington 1955-1968 82 131 6806 256 58.67 20 35
GA Gooch 1975-1995 118 215 8900 333 42.58 20 46
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