Ranji Trophy 2024 Quarter Final Fixtures

Here are the Quarter Final fixtures of the ongoing Ranji Trophy 2024 set to be played on 23rd February.

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Ranji Trophy 2024 Quarter Final Fixtures

Ranji Trophy 2024 Quarter Final matches are set to be played on 23rd February Image - X

The group stage of the Ranji Trophy 2024 season will end on Monday with the top two teams from the four groups qualifying for the quarterfinal which begins on Friday, February 23. The group winners will face the second-placed teams from a different group at home. Vidarbha, Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, and Madhya Pradesh finished top in their respective groups.

The top two teams from the Plate division, Hyderabad and Meghalaya will qualify for the Elite Group next season, while the bottom two teams across the four groups, Manipur and Goa, will be relegated to the Plate division.

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Record 41-time champions Mumbai are the best side across all Elite Groups, claiming 37 points after seven rounds. They lost only a single game while winning five matches and drew one match. Andhra finished second behind Mumbai in Elite Group B. At the same time, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu topped the charts in Group C. Madhya Pradesh and Baroda topped the Group D points table of the Ranji Trophy 2024.

Group Toppers

  • Elite Group A: 1st: Vidarbha, 2nd: Saurashtra

  • Elite Group B: 1st: Mumbai, 2nd: Andhra

  • Elite Group C: 1st: Tamil Nadu, 2nd: Karnataka

  • Elite Group D: 1st: Madhya Pradesh, 2nd: Baroda

Ranji Trophy 2024 Quarter Final Fixtures

  • QF1: Vidarbha vs Karnataka

  • QF2: Madhya Pradesh vs Andhra

  • QF3: Mumbai vs Baroda

  • QF4: Tamil Nadu vs Saurashtra

Ranji Trophy 2024 Semi Final Fixtures

  • Semifinal 1: Winner QF1 vs Winner QF4 – March 2-6, 2023 Venue: TBD

  • Semifinal 2: Winner QF2 vs Winner QF3 – March 2-6, 2023 Venue: TBD

  • Final: Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2 – March 10-14, 2023 Venue: TBD

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