"Staying in present and trying to help my team win has been my mantra:" Sukanya Parida after a successful Senior Women's T20

After having a good Senior Women's T20 Trophy, Bengal Women's pacer Sukanya Parida wants to stay in present ahead of a big season.

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"Staying in present and trying to help my team win has been my mantra:" Sukanya Parida after a successful Senior Women's T20

Sukanyaa Parida is a well-known name for people who follow Bengal women's cricket closely. She has been on the scene since the 2012-13 season for Bengal. She was a young rookie back then. But, after spending a decade on the field for Bengal, Sukanya is now a more mature bowler and athlete. Sukanya finished with 10 wickets with a bowling average of 13.10 and got selected for the East Zone as well after quite some time. The Bengal pacer shared thoughts on her game in an exclusive interview with Sportz Point.

Although Bengal could not go past the Railways hurdle in the final of the Senior Women's T20 Trophy for the third time, bowlers did well throughout the tournament. Even Sukanya believes this was one of the better seasons for her with the ball in hand.

Sukanya Parida during the Senior Women's T20 Trophy. | Sportz Point

Sukanya Parida during the Senior Women's T20 Trophy. Image: CAB

However, scenes were not the same last season when she was not picked for the T20 team for Bengal. In fact, she was marked as "not good enough" for the shortest format of the game by some experts. Sukanya backed herself and worked with her coaches Ershad Ahmed and Moinak Sengupta to be back at her best. Even Shiv Sagar Singh, the bowling mentor for Bengal women's team spent quite a time with her as well.

"Coaches helped me a lot. They made me mentally strong during that period. They used to tell me that it just takes one spell to be back in rhythm. I knew if I can make sure the process is right, the results will come," Sukanya told Sportz Point after the practice of East Zone.

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Sukanya feels the game has changed a lot in the last decade. The batters are now much more aggressive and looking to score anyhow in the T20 format of the game, which makes it more challenging for the bowlers as well. However, for Sukanya it is an opportunity to contribute to the team in the toughest situation.

"The game has changed a lot. The batters are now more attacking. So, bowling in powerplay makes it more challenging for the bowlers. But, I feel if I can contain them with two fielders outside the ring, I am doing a good job for the team," Sukanya added.

"That is why I feel planning before the game is important. Along with that noticing what the batter is trying to do, is equally crucial. I love this kind of challenge and performing in those situations makes me happy."

Sukanya, despite bowling the "toughest overs" in the powerplay and death, had an economy rate of 4.51 in the Senior Women's T20 Trophy 2022. She feels bowling tight and not leaking her is her main job upfront. According to her, if she is not leaking runs then that puts pressure on the batter which leads to wickets for other bowlers if not for herself.

"I feel being economical is my responsibility. That makes it easier for the other bowlers to take wickets if I am putting pressure with dot balls against them. It is all about putting pressure," Sukanya expressed.

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With the news of the upcoming Women's IPL, the door for the Indian team can open for many women cricketers in India. But for Parida, it is about staying in present and performing well for the team.

"Yes, definitely that will be a great opportunity for many of us (if we can make it to it). But, currently, I am focusing on the games I am playing. I am looking to contribute to the team's success in any way I can. I feel, if I can do that, I will be doing good for myself as well."

At 29, Sukanya now wants to go with the flow. With many championship goals on her mind, she wants to win trophies for Bengal and the teams she plays for. "I only have championship goals in my mind. I want to win trophies for my teams. That's it," Sukanya answered when asked about her goals for the future.

The life of a pacer is never easy. Injuries are part and parcel of a pacer's life. Moreover, when you are reaching the fag end of your 20s, it keeps on getting tougher. That is why staying fit and recovering well becomes essential.

"As I also work for Indian railways, I do not get that amount of time to do my things. So, I schedule my training according to the time I have. I try to focus on specific training and skill training to be fit throughout the year even with the tight schedule," Sukanya Parida told Sportz Point.

Along with everything, Jhulan Goswami's presence as the mentor of the Women's team has been a booster for Sukanya and other bowlers in the Bengal squad. "Whenever we get her close to us, it is a moral booster for us. She has ruled over the world and her little inputs become a game changer for us while playing," Sukanya expressed.

Sukanya is currently playing for the East Zone in the Senior Women's Inter-Zonal T20 Trophy. Post that she will be preparing for the Senior Women's ODI Trophy for Bengal women's team.

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