Titas Sadhu Exclusive |"Just the start," Titas Sadhu's father and coach are hopeful of a great career after the Asian Games success

Titas Sadhu's 4-2-6-3 in the Asian Games final against Sri Lanka, helped India win their second Gold medal in Asian Games 2023 in China.

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Titas Sadhu Exclusive |"Just the start," Titas Sadhu's father and coaches are hopeful of a great career after the Asian Games success

Just a few months ago, in South Africa this January, Titas Sadhu was named Player of the Match in the final as India beat England to be crowned champions of the inaugural Under-19 women's T20 World Cup. Nine months later, in Hangzhou, Titas not only realized her childhood dream of debuting for the senior team, but she also bowled a remarkable spell (4-2-6-3) in the final, picking up Chamari Athapaththu, Anushka Sanjeewani, and Vishmi Gunaratne this time to aid India in securing the Asian Games gold.

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"Very happy to see how calm she was:" Titas Sadhu's father

Post the historic moment, we caught up with Titas Sadhu's father Ranadeep Sadhu and her coach Priyankar Mukherjee to get their reactions.

"Very, very happy," Ranadeep Sadhu sounded delighted as he started to express his feelings in a telephonic conversation with Sportz Point. "I am very happy to see how calm she was in a big occasion like this," he went on to say.

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Before Titas left for China, Ranadeep Sadhu was very hopeful that if Titas could get two or more matches and she could do 80% of her potential, she would be doing great for herself and India. Titas not only got to play two games, but she also made sure she kept her father's word by doing wonders in the final.

"I am very happy about the fact that she could achieve her primary goal of settling in the international arena. I knew she could do that, given the chance. So, I am delighted with that. I hope she will continue to do that," Ranadeep Sadhu added.

Asian Games 2023 Exclusive |

Titas Sadhu celebrating a wicket in the 2022 ICC U19 World Cup final. Image: Getty

Be it the ICC U19 Women's World Cup final or the Asian Games 2023 final, big occasions are made for tough athletes like Titas Sadhu. Coach Priyankar Mukherjee feels it is her preparation that sets her up for big occasions like this.

"Preparation is the key:" Priyankar Mukherjee, Titas Sadhu's coach

"I always try to prepare her for big moments like these. I feel it is the preparations prior to the tournaments, be it U19 World Cup or Asian Games, it makes her ready for those occasions," Priyankar told Sportz Point.

Titas Sadhu Exclusive |

Image: Sportz Point

"Look, she always had the athleticism in her. But, it is her mental strength that sets her apart from the rest. I am very proud to see how calm she was in the whole game. Just superb."

"It is always hard to control emotions. When you are doing well in a game like this, you need to stay calm and focused until you win. It was great to see that she did not look overexcited after every wicket she picked up," Priyankar expressed.

Both Titas's father and coach believe that this is just the start for her. They feel If she can keep her head calm just like today, Titas Sadhu can go a long way. "I know this is just the start. I know she can remain calm like this, she will go a long way," Priyankar told Sportz Point.

Titas Sadhu will return to India on Wednesday and will join the Bengal Senior Women's team in their pre-season camp.

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