Gullybet eSports Streaming: Follow your favourite players

Experience the Thrill of eSports: Interactive Streaming on Gullybet
Gullybet eSports Streaming: Follow your favourite players
Gullybet eSports Streaming: Follow your favourite players

Changes in cybersports streaming viewer preferences have become noticeable over the past decade. Today, this is not only accompanied by technical improvements such as reduced latency, but also represents a new perspective on interactive streaming as a means of entertainment. For example, popular esports streaming platform Twitch not only provides latency-free streaming but also offers a unique console chat feature, making viewers an integral part of the community.

Despite the emergence of new streaming platforms, Twitch remains the undisputed leader in the sector. Its influence has spawned an entire online eSports streaming ecosystem. It's a place where millions of people from around the world can enjoy live streaming of the best esports tournaments and, thanks to the universal chat feature, feel involved in the events and community of this exciting world of entertainment. Bettors can now place bets at Gullybet while watching the live stream of their favorite esports events.

Platforms for streaming cyber sports

In the world of cybersports tournaments, the issue of choosing the right streaming platform is very important. Just like in regular sports leagues, different platforms guarantee exclusivity in the reproduction of important events. You can choose any of the platforms, log in to Gully Bet and enjoy both betting and live streaming. Let's take a look at the top esports streaming platforms and their features:


Twitch, as the largest cybersports streaming platform, has long been at the top of the industry. Despite occasional policy failures, Twitch has successfully established itself as a leader in the world of eSports streaming. The company actively works to maintain loyal partners with streamers who have become key figures in the gaming community.

Names like Tyler "Ninja" Blevins and Imane "Pokimane" Ani have become Twitch icons after spending a lot of time on the platform. Twitch's success is also defined by the fact that many influential streamers choose to use the service.

Twitch revolutionized the perception of cybersports by becoming one of the main companies in the sector. The platform now offers a wide range of gaming content, including popular games like League of Legends, Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Dota 2, Apex Legends and World of Warcraft.

Twitch's features following its acquisition by Amazon have made it one of the most profitable for content creators, providing subscribers with access to a wide variety of content. However, it's worth remembering that Twitch is just one of the many platforms that offer online esports broadcasts for Gully Bet.

Gullybet eSports Streaming: Follow your favourite players
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Facebook Gaming has entered into competition with Google, especially after YouTube Gaming entered the esports streaming market. Facebook, in a bid to attract more viewers to its ecosystem, has successfully integrated a "subscription" system into its platform. This allows users to view tournaments and friends' games directly in their feed, creating a unique experience for viewers.

Facebook Gaming has been aggressive in organizing tournaments, signing exclusive deals with ESL for popular games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2. In 2019, Facebook Gaming didn't have the functionality it has today. The ESL deal attracted eSports fans, but limited resources and a lack of viewer-friendly tools led many to turn to unofficial streams on Twitch and YouTube.

Today, Facebook Gaming has become more feature-rich, offering users a wider range of features and an improved viewing experience. However, challenges have stood in the way of the platform's development, and Facebook continues to strive to improve its position in the cybersports streaming sector.


YouTube is actively involved in the development of the cybersports sector by providing its platform for broadcasting cybersports. On YouTube Gaming, gamers can showcase their gameplay in real time, which has made the platform attractive to a wide range of content creators and viewers.

Fortnite is the most popular game on YouTube, with over 67 billion total views. Minecraft and Roblox videos also remain at the top of the list of most viewed content on the platform.

However, YouTube faces restrictions in its agreements with major eSports leagues, which affect its ability to broadcast tournaments. Despite this, YouTube continues to strive to expand its influence in cybersports by providing live streaming of major events such as the League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive world leagues.


Our Gullybet review would not be complete without mentioning one more platform. Discord, although it was originally created as a platform for gamers to communicate, has recently started to actively integrate esports streaming elements. This allows viewers to not only discuss events in chat, but also watch the broadcast directly in the Discord app.

Discord is more than just a streaming platform. It's a community hub where esports fans can come together, chat, and watch streams without switching between different apps. This way, Discord becomes a unique place where social interaction and viewing of esports events are combined.

A big advantage of Discord is the ease of communication and community building, which makes it an attractive option for esports fans who want to not only follow events but also connect with like-minded people.


Today's esports fans have an abundance of platforms to watch tournaments, from leaders Twitch to YouTube and Facebook Gaming. This diverse selection offers bettors ample opportunities to enjoy exciting events in the virtual world of competition. Log in to Gullybet and enjoy betting on your favorite esports events!

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