The Olympic E-sports Series: what you need to know and why you should get involved

Olympic E-sports week is almost here and it's time for us to know how it work and what opportunities it presents for the informed bettors.

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The Olympic E-sports Series: what you need to know and why you should get involved | Sportz Point

The E-sport Olympic Series is a new international video games competition that has been put together to give the world's best gamers a chance to compete at the Olympic level. As the name suggests, it is an international e-ports tournament that will take to the virtual world all the values of the Olympic Games we know and love. The event will bring together the best gamers from all over the world to compete for their countries and see who the best at gaming is.

The Olympic E-sports Week will be an opportunity for gamers everywhere to support their favourite teams, players, and titles, as well as for betting brands to show who really the bookie with the best odds is. In any case, we figured this is the perfect time to take a closer look at this event that came to change the way we see video games and the Olympic Games.

The very basics first

For centuries, the Olympic Games have been a historical event that brings together athletes from different countries to compete against one another. That's, in the age of technology and computers, they have been adapted into an e-sport version called E-sports Olympic, following the rules and values of the original games and its centuries-old tradition. It became a global e-sport tournament that enabled competitive gamers to participate in their respective categories.

Even though the concept of e-sports involves many videogame competitions, the "E-sports Olympics" is able to compete against other international tournaments like the League of Legends World Championships or the Dota 2 Asia Championships because this classification distinguishes between virtual sports, in other words, videogame versions of traditional sports, and completely fictional titles. In any case, e-sports are a global phenomenon and the Olympic Esports Week Singapore 2023 will be the focus of gamers of all categories, since, after extensive research, the Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth has chosen the following games:

  • Archery – Tic Tac Bow
  • Chess –
  • Cycling – Zwift
  • Dance – Just Dance
  • Motor Sport – Grand Turismo
  • Sailing – Virtual Regatta
  • Shooting - Fortnite - Creator Mode
  • Tennis - Tennis Clash
  • Taekwondo - Virtual Taekwondo

Does the e-sports series affect other sports?

The sense of belonging to a team is one of the most important aspects of any sport. People have teams that they love and support, whether it's their hometown team or the one they grew up watching. The same happens with video games. The once-considered games for kids are now recognized as real competitions worthy of having the Olympic brand attached to them.

This has not affected other games in any way, as the Olympic Games most likely will continue to be the huge international sports event they have been for centuries. Instead, it has helped bring the values of the Olympics to the videogame industry, the status of respected athletes to games, and the recognition many of those titles deserved.

Despite all of that, the future of the e-sports series is uncertain, yet not necessarily in the wrong way.  With the introduction of new technologies and the rise of streaming services, it's difficult to predict how e-sports will evolve in the near future. Some people predict that e-sports will become a mainstream sport real soon, while others believe that it will remain a niche community and most likely be replaced by another type of online competition.

One thing is for certain, though. With the growing popularity of e-sports, we have seen a new kind of betting emerge in the form of betting on video game tournaments. Therefore, the Olympic Esports Week and the Olympic Esports Series will be such opportunities, since these tournaments offer odds for both who will win and the amount of money that one can win, just like traditional sports betting.

The way to join the fun

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