A breakdown of the stats of 100 goals scored by Marcus Rashford for Manchester United

Marcus Rashford scored his 100th goal for Manchester United against West Ham in the Premier League this weekend.
A breakdown of the stats  of 100 goals scored by Marcus Rashford for Manchester United

We've looked into each of his goals and worked out just how he has reached the 100-goal tally. Since making his debut in 2015-16, Marcus Rashford has been an ever-present member of the United squad.

The 25-year-old, Marcus Rashford has made 318 appearances for Manchester United and has hit the landmark figure in his eighth season with the club.

Following United's 1-0 win over West Ham, Rashford explained what the record goal meant for him. He told Sky Sports: "It's been on my mind the last couple of games. I've been waiting for it to come and thankfully it did today.

"It's a completely different energy around the whole club and training ground.

"That for a start puts me in a better head space. I just feel really motivated now, last year I struggled at times with things off the pitch and wasn't mentally right."

The United forward has looked back to his best this season under the management of Erik ten Hag. Throughout his United career, Rashford has averaged 0.31 goals per game and also provided plenty of assists along the way.

Here's a full breakdown of Rashford's goals and how he has managed to reach the 100-goal mark for Manchester United.

Season by season breakdown:

2015/16: 8 goals in 18 appearances

2016/17: 11 goals in 53 appearances

2017/18: 13 goals in 52 appearances

2018/19: 13 goals in 47 appearances

2019/20: 22 goals in 44 appearances

2020/21: 21 goals in 57 appearances

2021/22: 5 goals in 32 appearances

2022/23: 7 goals in 15 appearances


Premier League: 63 goals in 216 appearances

FA Cup: 7 goals in 25 appearances

EFL Cup: 8 goals in 16 appearances

Champions League: 12 goals in 29 appearances

Europa League: 10 goals in 30 appearances


1-15 mins: 7 goals

16-30 mins: 16 goals

45+ mins: 3 goals

46-60 mins: 11 goals

61-75 mins: 22 goals

76-90 mins: 16 goals

90+ mins: 9 goals

Extra time: 1 goal

How he scored them:

Right foot: 82 goals

Left foot: 11 goals

Head: 7 goals

Inside box: 88 goals

Outside box: 12 goals

Free-kicks: 4

Penalties: 9

31-45 mins: 15 goals

Favourite opponents:

Six goals: Leicester, Liverpool

Five goals: West Ham, Chelsea

Four goals: Man City, Arsenal, Spurs, Brighton, Newcastle, Bournemouth

Three goals: Watford, Norwich, Sheffield United, PSG, RB Leipzig

Goals by manager:

Louis van Gaal: 8 goals in 18 appearances

Jose Mourinho: 28 goals in 125 appearances

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: 55 goals in 135 appearances

Ralf Rangnick: 2 goals in 22 appearances

Erik ten Hag: 7 goals in 15 appearances

Goals by position:

Left winger: 48 goals in 153 appearances

Centre-Forward: 42 goals in 119 appearances

Right winger: 10 goals in 38 appearances

Games to 100 goals comparison:

Denis Law: 110 games

Ruud van Nistelrooy: 131 games

Bobby Charlton: 171 games

Andrew Cole: 218 games

Wayne Rooney: 242 games

Cristiano Ronaldo: 253 games

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: 255 games

Mark Hughes: 273 games

George Best: 278 games

Marcus Rashford: 318 games

Paul Scholes: 328 games

Ryan Giggs: 488 games

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