Basic Strategies for Betting on Women's Soccer

With the biggest world event in Women's soccer coming up, here are some basic strategies for betting on women's soccer.

Koushik Biswas
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The growth in popularity of women's soccer over the last ten years has been long overdue. For decades, in most European nations, women's soccer was sidelined and ignored. It was often assumed that women just didn't want to play the sport, but in fact, in many cases, women were actively prevented from playing.

One of the most shocking examples was in the 'home' of soccer. During the First World War, women's soccer in England grew rapidly in popularity and by 1920, the sport was attracting huge crowds, including an attendance of 53,000 for a game staged at Goodison Park in Liverpool. The English Football Association, in a fit of misogyny and backward thinking, made it illegal for any English club to host a women's game, effectively ending top-level women's football; a ban that was not lifted until 1971.

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Fortunately, the women's game is beginning to shake off the effects of this discrimination and there is a growing interest in women's competitions, including from bookmakers. Most of the sports betting sites offer markets for all the main women's soccer games and tournaments, and online leisure activities are available to everyone regardless of gender, as one can see on this website.

Why Bet on Women's Soccer?

Soccer is the most popular betting sport around the world. Every day millions of betting fans wager on their favourite teams and tournaments. But the vast majority of that betting is focused on the men's game. With such intense focus, particularly on the major competitions, finding an edge can be tough.

By contrast, betting on women's soccer is relatively new. Only a fraction of soccer bettors know anything about the women's game, while even bookmakers are cautious when pricing up markets. For those prepared to put in the work that means betting on women's soccer can be advantageous, compared to betting on the men's game.

Know Your Sport

As with any team sport, the starting point with women's soccer is to get to know the teams and the players. A good starting point is to focus on your national women's soccer competitions, which in the case of England, would be the Women's Super League and in the US, the NWSL.

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of all the players and teams in your chosen competition, as well which players are improving and which may be in decline, will give you a solid foundation and enable you to get an edge over other bettors who don't do their homework. Watching as many games as you can is a great help with this, even if you can only see highlights for some matches.

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Professionalism and Coaching

While women's soccer is increasingly professional, it lags way behind the men's game in terms of resources and salaries. Some players will be real professionals, while others may not, and the difference in terms of fitness and technique will be apparent at the top level.

This is where coaching comes into the equation. All head coaches tend to produce a certain style of soccer and to do well with certain types of players. In a sport where not all the players are able to reach the same level of professionalism, and where there may be a wider gap between the best players and the rest than in the men's game, a good coach can disguise these issues, while a bad coach will not. Knowing your coaches is a great way to get an edge in women's soccer betting.

Be Fast and First

Being first is always a great way to get an advantage in sports betting and in the case of women's soccer, it can be significant. While the men's game has extensive social media coverage, information on the women's game is not so widely disseminated. By taking the time to stay updated on all the key social media and news channels, it is possible to take advantage of key pieces of news such as a flu outbreak, an injury to a key player, or a major tactical change. In the men's game, this information becomes common knowledge very quickly, but not so in the women's game.

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Women's soccer has a growing presence in the sports world and there are increasing opportunities to bet on the sport with bookmakers. While making a profit from betting on women's soccer is extremely difficult, as it is with any sport, the sport itself is worth watching and understanding as it provides a different spectator experience to the men's game. If you want to find a reliable betting site to place a bet on women's soccer, browse Match.Center which offers much info on bookmakers' offers and operation