China PR vs Haiti FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 Highlights | 10 women China defeated Haiti 1-0 and eliminated them from the World Cup

China defeated Haiti in a thrilling encounter by 1-0 deficit, which came from a penalty kick and eliminated Haiti from the World Cup.

Suvam Roy Chowdhury
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China (PR) vs Haiti at The FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 was a thrilling encounter till the very end where the Chinease team came out on top of the debutants and eliminated them from the group stages of the World Cup. China were down to 10 women in the first half but their resilience won them this game. Haiti were unlucky at times, specially in the last minutes of the game where they should've been awarded a penalty but it doesn't matter now as they're going out of the World Cups now.

Facts to look forward to :

  • From seven global finals, China have never failed to make it out of the group stage. 
  • China's defeat to Denmark means the nation have now lost their last three opening-day fixtures 1-0. At Canada 2015 and France 2019, they won the subsequent fixture by the same scoreline.
  • Women's World Cup debutants Haiti have the youngest squad in the 2023 finals with an average age of 22.3 (at the start of the tournament). They had four teenagers in their starting XI in their opening match against England.
  • Les Grenadieres are one of eight debutants at these global finals.

Match Information

Date : 28 July, 2023

Venue : Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide, Australia

Time : 9 pm Local Time and 4:30 pm IST


Referee : Marta Huerta

Assistant Referee 1: Guadalupe Porras

Assistant Referee 2 : Sanja Rodak

4th Official : Marianela Araya

VAR : Alejandro Hernandez

Assistant VAR 1 : Juan Martinez

Assistant VAR 2 : Mariana De Almeida

China PR vs Haiti | Live Score CHN 1-0 HAI

Kick off at 4:30 pm IST

First Half Begins!

China kicking from left to right in the first half and Haiti all in white, starts the game.

01'| Good start by China

Chinese players were venturing forward in the opening minutes of the game.

04'| China controlling the game

China's controlling the rythem of the match in the opening parts of the game and enjoying some possession.

06'| Corner conceded by Haiti

Haiti defender stopped the ball from troubling the goalkeeper and conceded a corner.

08'| Position start by China

Haiti's struggling to get out if their own half, such is the pressure by China.

13'| Good defending by Louis

Kethna Louis stopped the attack by a brilliant piece of composed defending.

15'| First attempt on target by China

Lou Jiahui's effort on target was stopped quite comparably by the goalkeeper as there was no power in the shot.

19'| Haiti enjoying some possession

Haiti after some minutes have been able to get hold of the ball and is enjoying a little spell.

20'| Poor back pass

Tabita Joseph's poor back pass could've been converted into a goal scoring opportunity but the goalkeeper was alert.

22'| Free kick conceded by Haiti

Zhang Linyan won a free kick in a dangerous position, just under range to give it a go.

28'| Yellow card for Rui(VAR)

Zhang Rui made a poor tackle on Sherly Jeudy and picked up a yellow card. But referee is taking a look if it was a red card offence.

29'| Red card for Rui

Yellow card evoked and Zhang Rui was provided with a straight red card for the nasty challenge on Jeudy, China down to 10 women.

35'| End to end football

Haiti is trying to take advantage of China's disability of playing with 10 players but there's no change in China's intensity to attack.

37'| Substitution for China

Zhang Xin replaces Lou Jiahui.

41'| Haiti on the attack

Haiti is enjoying a nice spell of attack of through nice passing football.

42'| Goal for Haiti but Offside

Nerilla Mondesir was caught Offside when Batcheba Louis played the ball and the goal didn't stand.

3 added minutes announced

45'| Half time CHN 0-0 HAI

The first half looked like a equally contested match with China dominated the early parts of the game and Haiti taking control of the match in the later parts. Both the teams had their chances but they were not very convincing.

China in the opening stages spent most of the time in Haiti's half but Haiti's defence looked solid and they dealt with every Chinease attack they faced. Most of China's play were initiated from the flanks but their cross were not at all troubling for Kethna Louis and Tabita Joseph.

Then came a moment which changed the momentum of the game in Haiti's favour. Zhang Rui was sent off by the referee for making a robust challenge on Sherly Jeudy. Initially it was given a yellow card but then VAR checked it for a possible Red, and referee changed her decision and gave the the Chinease midfielder a red Card.

From then onwards Haiti enjoyed most of the ball, with even scoring a goal from open play but it was doomed as Offside. It was an easy choice for the Assistant referee. Haiti looked more composed in the field but couldn't find a way through China's defence.

China did make a first half substitute, sacrificing the winger, Lou Jiahui presence for Zhang Xin in order to strengthen the defence. Batcheba Louis was easily one of the best players on the field today and there were moments of great skill showcasing from her side.

Second Half Begins

How's gonna come out on top, Chinease's 10 women or Haiti's ambitious players?

45'| Substitution for Haiti

Melchie Dumornay replaces Maudeline Moryl

45'| Substitution for China

Wang Shuang replaces Wu Chengshu.

47'| Good start by Haiti

Melchie Dumornay, the substitute is looking to orchestrate the match from the middle of the pitch.

52'| Save by Yu

Chinease goalkeeper, Zhu Yu pulled off a fine save off Melchie Dumornay's shot and kept China in the game, conceding a corner.

58'| End to end football

Both the teams are trying really hard to score the first goal of the match and break the deadlock.

60'| Array of attacks by Haiti

Haiti players are coming forward with sheer intent of scoring goals but China somehow survives and concedes a corner.

Nerilla Mondesir's right footed cross from right side of the field was stopped by the Chinese defender.

63'| Yellow card for Dumornay

Melchie Dumornay's acrobatic attemot of scoring a goal following a corner hit the a Chinease player m, unintentionally and was given a yellow card.

64'| Substitution for Haiti

Roseline Eloissaint replaces Batcheba Louis.

68'| Another chance for Haiti

Melchie Dumornay's attempt was blocked in front of the goal and it's still 0-0.

71'| Shout for penalty but Offside (VAR)

Zhang Linyan ventured forward and earned a penalty for her team but it was given Offside by the Assistant referee, VAR is checking though.

71'| Penalty for China

After VAR check it was given a penalty because Zhang Linyan was onside.

74'| Shuang scores from the spot kick!(CHN 1-0 HAI)

Wang Shuang scored the first goal of the match through a cool and composed penalty and China in the lead.

78'| Another chance for China

Zhang Linyan's header from very short range missed the target by some distance and the score stays 1-0 in China's favour.

81'| Substitution for Haiti

Chelsea Surpris replaces Ruthny Mathurin.

82'| Substitution for China

Dou Jiaxing replaces Yao Lingwei.

84'| China on the counter

Zhang Linyan's left footed shot was saved by the keeper as it was hit straight to her.

87'| Substitution for Haiti

Tang Jiali replaces Zhang Linyan.

89'| Substitution for Haiti

Kiki replaces Sherly Jeudy.

9 minutes of added time announced

90'+1| Penalty for Haiti(VAR)

Referee awarded Haiti a penalty in the additional minutes of the game, VAR is checking though.

90'+2| No penalty for Haiti

After VAR interference Penalty was revoked from Haiti by the referee and it looks like China is gonna win the match.

90'+6| Chance missed by Haiti

Nerillia Mondesir's right footed shot from a tight angle missed the target by not much.

90'+9| Very clumsy challenge by Jiaxing

Dou Jiaxing came up with a clumsy challenge to stop Haiti from scoring inside the penalty box in the last minutes of the game but no penalty was given and VAR has also not interfered.

Match Ended

90'| Full time CHN 1-0 HAI

The second half was full of drama specially in the last minutes of the game. Haiti saw most of the ball and had the better chances but it was China who came up victorious of the match with just one goal which came through a penalty.

Haiti dominated the game in the opening minutes of the second half. They clearly experienced the best spell of their match there but unfortunately couldn't break the deadlock at that time.

Zhu Yu made the best save of the match against Melchie Dumornay's powerful right footed strike and denied Haiti the lead. Melchie Dumornay was the driving force behind Haiti's attack and was gutted for not scoring.

Around 70th minute of the match China ventured forward in the opposition's box and Zhang Linyan was fouled inside the penalty box but the initial decision was offside so the penalty was not given. Then the VAR interfered and found out that it was not an offside so the penalty was awarded.

Wang Shuang took the penalty and scored it in a very composed manner, sending the keeper in the wrong direction and gave China the mist needed lead in the match. China played with 10 women for most of the match so it was paradise for them, and no one expected them to score against the run of play.

After that, no real chance was created by the Haitian players, they did go forward a couple of times but their attacks were not as convincing as they needed to be. Both the coaches made some important substitutions to control the game in their favour but it was mostly attack against defence in the last stages of the match.

After the additional time Dou Jiaxing made a very questionable challenge for winning the ball and fouled a Haitian forward in the process making no contact with the ball whatsoever, but VAR didn't even check it despite shouts from all of Haitian team and the game ended on 1-0 in China's favour.

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