Coppa Italia winners list

 Coppa Italia is the annual domestic cup competition in Italian football. A knockout competition, it was organisied by the Italian football

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Coppa Italia | Sportz Point

The Coppa Italia is the annual domestic cup competition in Italian football. A knockout competition, it was organisied by the Italian football federation till the 2009-10 campaign and has been organised by Lega Serie A ever since.

The Coppa Italia's first edition was held in 1922 and it was won by FC Vado. After the first edition, the tournament was not held or scrapped halfway through due to World War 2. The following few editions took place at sporadic intervals.

The tournament eventually resumed in a proper manner in 1958 and it has been played in an annual or seasonal manner ever since. 

Coppa Italia | Sportz Point

Inter won the Coppa Italia in 2023 (Image- ESPN)

Juventus with 14 triumphs is the most successful team in the history of the competition, while AS Roma with nine wins is second.

The winner of this competition gains automatic qualification to the UEFA Europa League, which is Europe's second-tier tournament. 

The winners of Coppa Italia also qualify for the Supercoppa Italiana, which is the curtain-raiser for the Italian football season between the holders of this trophy and the Serie A champions.

There are a total of seven rounds in the Coppa Italia. All of these are knockout rounds played over one leg with the exception of the semi-finals which takes place over two legs.

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Clubs based in Serie B - Italy's second flight - begin competing in the first round of Coppa Italia along with the 12 lowest-ranked sides from the previous season's Serie A.

The top eight sides in Serie A join the competition from the third round, which generally takes place during January.

Coppa Italia winners list

Season Winners
1922 Vado
1927 Not completed
1936 Torino
1937 Genoa
1938 Juventus
1939 Ambrosiana-Inter
1940 Fiorentina
1941 Venezia
1942 Juventus
1943 Torino
1958 Lazio
1959 Juventus
1960 Juventus
1961 Fiorentina
1962 Napoli
1963 Atalanta
1964 Roma
1965 Juventus
1966 Fiorentina
1967 Milan
1968 Torino
1969 Roma
1970 Bologna
1971 Torino
1972 Milan
1973 Milan
1974 Bologna
1975 Fiorentina
1976 Napoli
1977 Milan
1978 Inter
1979 Juventus
1980 Roma
1981 Roma
1982 Inter
1983 Juventus
1984 Roma
1985 Sampdoria
1986 Roma
1987 Napoli
1988 Sampdoria
1989 Sampdoria
1990 Juventus
1991 Roma
1992 Parma
1993 Torino
1994 Sampdoria
1995 Juventus
1996 Fiorentina
1997 Vicenza
1998 Lazio
1999 Parma
2000 Lazio
2001 Fiorentina
2002 Parma
2003 Milan
2004 Lazio
2005 Inter
2006 Inter
2007 Roma
2008 Roma
2009 Lazio
2010 Inter
2011 Inter
2012 Napoli
2013 Lazio
2014 Napoli
2015 Juventus
2016 Juventus
2017 Juventus
2018 Juventus
2019 Lazio
2020 Napoli
2021 Juventus
2022 Inter
2023 Inter
Ac Milan Inter Milan Juventus Fc Roma