Durand Cup: List of Champions and Runners Up From 1950 to 2023

Durand Cup was first held in Shimla which was a popular retreat for the British back in the day and it was organized for his health.

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The Durand Cup was first held in Shimla which was a popular retreat for the British back in the day. Sir Henry Durand was recovering from an illness in the hill station and realised the importance of physical health for soldiers in the Army.

There were several army regiments and military units that started the tournament and it became an inter-regiment tournament. They initially only inclined towards playing Hockey given the popularity of the sport in India at that time but football gradually picked up.

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Durand Cup History:

The event itself was a significant deal and people came from all across the country to watch the final. It was also an excellent platform for Indian football clubs to defeat the British regiments which of course, rarely happened at that time.

However, events post World War II that also involved the cancellation and relocation of the tournament ushered in a new era for Indian football.

The Durand Cup was later shifted to Delhi post-1940 and opened for civilian clubs and teams. This brought in the likes of Mohammedan, Salgaocar, East Bengal and all the other legendary I-League teams that have since dominated the proceedings.

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Bengaluru FC lifted the trophy in 2022 (Image- BFC Twitter)

It is held every year to attract top Indian teams and players from leagues. The inclusion of ISL and Armed forces teams has helped expand the reach of the tournament.

Durand Cup Winners List:

Year Winners Runners-up
1950 Hyderabad City Police Mohun Bagan
1951 East Bengal Rajasthan Armed Constabulary
1952 East Bengal Hyderabad City Police
1953 Mohun Bagan National Defence Academy
1954 Hyderabad City Police Hindustan Aircraft Limited
1955 Madras Regimental Centre Indian Air Force
1956 East Bengal Hyderabad City Police
1957 Hyderabad City Police East Bengal
1958 Madras Regimental Centre Gorkha Brigade
1959–60 Mohun Bagan Mohammedan
1960–61 Mohan Bagan and East Bengal Joint Winners
1961 Andhra Pradesh Police Mohun Bagan
1962 Cancelled because of Indo-China war
1963 Mohun Bagan Andhra Pradesh Police
1964 Mohun Bagan East Bengal
1965 Mohun Bagan Punjab Police
1966 Gorkha Brigade Sikh Regimental Centre
1967 East Bengal Bengal-Nagpur Railway
1968 Border Security Force East Bengal
1969 Gorkha Brigade Border Security Force
1970 East Bengal Mohun Bagan
1971 Border Security Force Leaders Club
1972 East Bengal Mohun Bagan
1973 Border Security Force Rajasthan Armed Constabulary (Bikaner)
1974 Mohun Bagan JCT
1975 Border Security Force JCT
1976   BSF and JCT Joint Winners
1977 Mohun Bagan JCT
1978 East Bengal Mohun Bagan
1979 Mohun Bagan Punjab Police
1980 Mohun Bagan Mohammedan
1981 Border Security Force JCT
1982  Mohan Bagan and East Bengal Joint Winners
1983 JCT Mohun Bagan
1984 Mohun Bagan East Bengal
1985 Mohun Bagan JCT
1986 Mohun Bagan East Bengal
1987 JCT Mohun Bagan
1988 Border Security Force East Bengal
1989 East Bengal Mohun Bagan
1990 East Bengal Mahindra United
1991 East Bengal Border Security Force
1992 JCT Mohammedan
1993 East Bengal Punjab State Electricity Board
1994 Mohun Bagan East Bengal
1995–96 East Bengal Tata Football Academy
1996 JCT Al-Naft
1997 FC Kochin Mohun Bagan
1998 Mahindra United East Bengal
1999 Salgaocar East Bengal
2000 Mohun Bagan Mahindra United
2001–02 Mahindra United Churchill Brothers
2002–03 East Bengal Army XI
2003 Salgaocar East Bengal
2004 East Bengal Mohun Bagan
2005 Army XI Sporting Goa
2006 Dempo JCT
2007 Churchill Brothers Mahindra United
2008 Mahindra United Churchill Brothers
2009 Churchill Brothers Mohun Bagan
2010 Prayag United JCT
2011 Churchill Brothers Prayag United
2012 Air India Dodsal
2013 Mohammedan ONGC
2014 Salgaocar Pune
2016 Army Green NEROCA
2019 Gokulam Kerala Mohun Bagan
2020 Cancelled because of Covid
2021 Goa Mohammedan
2022 Bengaluru FC Mumbai City FC
2023 Mohun Bagan East Bengal

Most Durand Cup Wins:

Kolkata giant Mohun Bagan is the most successful team in the history of the tournament. They have won it a record 17 times.

Royal Scouts Fusiliers were the first-ever winners and Mohammedan Sporting were the first Indian to win the competition.

Team Titles
Mohun Bagan 17
East Bengal 16

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