Euro 2024 Qualifiers: Fixtures, schedules, standings all you need to know

As the Euro 2024 is closing in, we take a look at the fixtures, the schedules, the standings, and all you need to know about Euro 2024 Qualifiers.

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Euro 2024 Qualifiers: Fixtures, schedules, standings all you need to know

France's players run during a training session in Clairefontaine-en-Yvelines on October 10, 2023 as part of the team's preparation for upcoming UEFA Euro 2024 football tournament qualifying matches. France will play against Netherlands in the Group B of Euro 2024 qualifiers. (Photo by FRANCK FIFE / AFP)

We're less than one year away from the European Championship of 2024, which is going to take place in Germany, next summer. Twenty four teams will compete in this tournament to be the best European nation of all. The last tournament was held three years ago in 2021 which saw Italy win against England on penalties at Wembley. In 2024, the tournament will be held between June 14 and July 14.

Germany have already qualified for the tournament as they're the host nation, so twenty three other teams still need to qualify for the Euro 24, with twenty teams that will be determined by the standings of ten group stages, while the remaining three spots will be determined by the playoffs that will take place in March 2024.

Teams that fail to qualify in the Euro Qualifiers stage can still get themselves into the final tournament through the play-offs. Four teams from each league that have not already qualified for the European Championship finals will compete in the play-offs of their league. The play-off berths were first allocated to each Nations League group winner, and if any of the group winners already qualify for the European Championship finals, then to the next-best ranked team of the league. Here's the situation as things stand.

Group A


Oct. 12: Spain vs. Scotland, Cyprus vs. Norway.

Oct. 15: Georgia vs. Cyprus, Norway vs. Spain.

Nov. 16: Georgia vs. Scotland, Cyprus vs. Spain.

Nov. 19: Spain vs. Georgia, Scotland vs. Norway.

Group B


Oct. 13: Netherlands vs. France, Republic of Ireland vs. Greece.

Oct. 16: Greece vs. Netherlands, Gibraltar vs. Republic of Ireland.

Nov. 18: France vs. Gibraltar, Netherlands vs. Republic of Ireland.

Nov. 21: Greece vs. France, Gibraltar vs. Netherlands.

Group C


Oct. 14: Ukraine vs. North Macedonia, Italy vs. Malta.

Oct. 17: England vs. Italy, Malta vs. Ukraine.

Nov. 17: Italy vs. North Macedonia, England vs. Malta.

Nov. 20: Ukraine vs. Italy, North Macedonia vs. England.

Group D


Oct. 12: Latvia vs. Armenia, Croatia vs. Turkey.

Oct. 15: Turkey vs. Latvia, Wales vs. Croatia.

Nov. 18: Armenia vs. Wales, Latvia vs. Croatia.

Nov. 21: Croatia vs. Armenia, Wales vs. Turkey.

Group E


Oct. 12: Albania vs. Czechia, Faroe Islands vs. Poland.

Oct. 15: Czechia vs. Faroe Islands, Poland vs. Moldova.

Nov. 17: Moldova vs. Albania, Poland vs. Czechia.

Nov. 20: Czechia vs. Moldova, Albania vs. Faroe Islands.

Group F


Oct. 13: Estonia vs. Azerbaijan, Austria vs. Belgium.

Oct. 16: Azerbaijan vs. Austria, Belgium vs. Sweden.

Nov. 16: Estonia vs. Austria, Azerbaijan vs. Sweden.

Nov. 19: Belgium vs. Azerbaijan, Sweden vs. Austria.

Group G


Oct. 14: Bulgaria vs. Lithuania, Hungary vs. Serbia.

Oct. 17: Serbia vs. Montenegro, Lithuania vs. Hungary.

Nov. 16: Bulgaria vs. Hungary, Montenegro vs. Lithuania.

Nov. 19: Lithuania vs. Montenegro, Serbia vs. Bulgaria.

Group H


Oct. 14: Northern Ireland vs. San Marino, Slovenia vs. Finland, Denmark vs. Kazakhstan.

Oct. 17: Northern Ireland vs. Slovenia, San Marino vs. Denmark, Finland vs. Kazakhstan.

Nov. 17: Kazakhstan vs. San Marino, Finland vs. Northern Ireland, Denmark vs. Slovenia.

Nov. 20: Northern Ireland vs. Denmark, Slovenia vs. Kazakhstan, San Marino vs. Finland.

Group I


Oct. 12: Israel vs. Switzerland (postponed), Andorra vs. Kosovo, Belarus vs. Romania.

Oct. 15: Switzerland vs. Belarus, Romania vs. Andorra, Kosovo vs. Israel.

Nov. 18: Israel vs. Romania, Switzerland vs. Kosovo, Belarus vs. Andorra.

Nov. 21: Romania vs. Switzerland, Andorra vs. Israel, Kosovo vs. Belarus.

Group J


Oct. 13: Iceland vs. Luxembourg, Portugal vs. Slovakia, Liechtenstein vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Oct. 16: Iceland vs. Liechtenstein, Bosnia and Herzegovina vs. Portugal, Luxembourg vs. Slovakia.

Nov. 16: Slovakia vs. Iceland, Luxembourg vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Liechtenstein vs. Portugal.

Nov. 19: Portugal vs. Iceland, Bosnia and Herzegovina vs. Slovakia, Liechtenstein vs. Luxembourg.

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