From Dimi-Cummings to Roy-Mauricio: Here are the top attacking duos in ISL 2023-24

From Dimitri Petratos and Jason Cummings to Roy Krishna and Diego Mauricio, here are the top five attacking football duos of the Indian Super League (ISL) 2023-24.

Koushik Biswas
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From Dimi-Cummings to Roy-Mauricio: Here are the top attacking duos in ISL 2023-24 -
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The Indian Super League has seen attacking stars who have threatened the defensive lines of opposition teams in the tournament. But, when they hunt in pairs, the teams become more lethal. Lately, world football has seen attacking pairs like Sadio Mane-Mohamed Salah, Ronaldo-Benzema or Messi-Suarez. 

In ISL 2023-24, attacking duos like Dimitri Petratos- Jason Cummings and Roy Krishna-Diego Mauricio have been exceptional. Their contributions have been instrumental in their team's success. Below are the top 5 attacking duos of ISL 2023-24. 

#5 Wilmar Jordan Gill & Luka Majcen | Punjab FC | 16 Goals

Top attacking duos in ISL 2023-24: Wilmar Jordan Gil & Luka Majcen -
Madhi Talal (left), Wilmar Jordan Gil and Luka Majcen celebrating a goal in ISL 2023-24.

Wilmar Jordan Gil and Luka Majcen's partnership alongside Madih Talal's vision was the reason behind Punjab FC's success in their debut season in the Indian Super League. 

Gil and Majcen contributed with 16 goals and three assists in the tournament and helped the team earn 24 points and finish at number 8 on the points table amongst the big boys. 

Both Gill & Luka finished the tournament with eight goals each. 

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#4 Dimitrios Diamantakos & Adrian Luna | Kerala Blasters FC | 16 goals

top attacking duos in ISL 2023-24: Diamantakos and Adrian Luna -

Though Kerala Blasters FC captain Adrian Luna was off the ground due to an injury in ISL 2023-24 most of the time, he had three goals and four assists in the tournament. But, it was Dimitrios Diamantakos' stellar 13 goals that helped them reach the playoffs, where Odisha FC eventually knocked them out. 

Diamantakos, before the injury, scored 13 goals and assisted three times to lead the Golden Boot race. 

#3 Carlos Martinez & Noah Sadaoui | FC Goa | 20 goals

top attacking duos in ISL 2023-24: Carlos Martinez and Noah Sadaoui -
Carlos Martinez (Jersey No. 9) and Noah (Jersey No. 7) celebrating after a goal.

Noah Sadaoui has been one of the best players of the season with a Sofascore rating of 7.69. The Moroccan striker till now has scored ten times and assisted five times in the tournament. 

Meantime, his partner in crime, Carlos Martinez, has also scored ten goals and assisted twice this season so far. They both have been inspirational for FC Goa's success in the league. 

#2 Dimitri Petratos & Jason Cummings | MBSG | 20 Goals 

top attacking duos in ISL 2023-24: Dimitri Petratos and Jason Cummings -

Dimitri Petratos and Jason Cummings, the Aussie duo of Mohun Bagan Super Giant, have been pivotal this season for the club. Though Cummings did not have a great start as a Mariner, he scored whenever he had the opportunity. In the second half of the season, Habas mainly used Cummings as a sub. However, he has been able to put the ball to the back of the net, even in short periods. 

Meantime, Dimitri Petratos has been the best player of the Green and Maroon. He has guided the team home from difficult situations with goals and assists. Moreover, his fighting spirit has helped Mohun Bagan make a few comebacks in the tournament till now.

They have scored ten goals each so far in ISL 2023-24.

#1 Roy Krishna - Diego Mauricio | Odisha FC | 22 Goals 

top attacking duos in ISL 2023-24: Roy Krishna and Diego Mauricio -

Roy Krishna and Diego Mauricio have contributed with the most number of goals so far in ISL 2023-24. Roy, who has 12 goals in the tournament so far, is just one goal away from being the season's top scorer.

His partner at the top, Digeo Mauricio, also has scored ten goals this season and has been crucial to Sergio Lobera's tactics.

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