Igor Stimac criticizes Indian Super League, claims 'ISL is comfort football'

ndian National team football coach Igor Stimac has apparently criticized (ISL) by claiming that the it is just comfort football

Avignyan Mukhopadhyay
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Indian National team football coach Igor Stimac has apparently criticized Indian Super League (ISL) by claiming that the ISL is just comfort football. Stimac believes that the ISL hasn't helped Indian football grow to the level that was expected. He said that the top football league in the country gives a good salary to the player gave a comfortable space.

"ISL is just comfort football in its present form," Stimac said. "It gives good salary to the players and they are in a comfortable space. In the ISL, when a player receives a pass, he has enough time to think about his next move. But in international football, you don't get that time. You have to make an instant decision and move on."

Igor Stimac has also revealed that the standard of the Indian Super League is modest at the very best. He also revealed that he was expecting many standard players when he got to become the coach of the Indian team. Upon reaching India, he found that he had to select his team from a pool of mere 50 individuals. Stimac has made these comments in an interaction which have been reported by The Times of India.

"When I was coming g to India as the coach, many people told me I was lucky as I have 1.25 billion options to choose from. But when I came here, I realised I have 10 teams to choose from and a pool of 50 odd Indian players, who are mostly goalkeepers, defenders or defensive midfielders."

"As a national coach, I don't have a ready pool of players," he said. "I have to pick players from these ISL teams and I have to take what is offered to me." He also said that the foreigners who come for money in the ISL have all taken up the key positions in all ISL clubs.

"I know every I-League coach feels his team has 2-3 players who can be in the national side, and I wish that was true. But let's be realistic. Gokulam's win against ATK Mohun Bagan was great, but if you asked me, they will win one out of 10 of such games and that was the one."

Igor Stimac: India | Sportz Point.

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Stimac has accessed the challenges that he faces with the Indian National team and is willing to overcome them. He also believes that a proper result will help overcome their biggest obstacles.

Stimac accepted the India assignment for the challenges that the country can throw up. "Expectations are very high, but options are limited, and so is the base. It's a challenge I would like to take up," he said. "Some players from the Indian Arrows and U-17 project are very talented and have huge potential. But then, if they get used to high salary and the comfort that comes with it, half of them might disappear."

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