Martin Tyler leaves Sky Sports: His most iconic commentary moments

Martin Tyler, this legendary commentator has many lines that can be considered most iconic commentary moments in football history.

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Martin Tyler has announced he will step down from his role at Sky Sports - where he has been the 'voice of the Premier League' since 1992 and this legendary commentator has many lines that can be considered most iconic commentary moments in football history.

"It has been a privilege to play a small part in the broadcasting history of the greatest league in the world. Along the way, I have worked alongside legions of wonderful professionals in all aspects of the television industry. I thank them all for their support and expertise. It has been an honour to be a member of a very gifted team."

In a statement, Tyler said: "In my humble opinion, the huge corporation Sky is today has stemmed from Sky Sports' innovative and inspired coverage of the Premier League.

The voice of football for several generations of fan, the 77-year-old cut his teeth with ITV throughout the 1970s and 80s, before heading to Sky in 1990 and ushering in a new era of football.

Tyler became the man synonymous with some of the greatest and most memorable moments in the game, giving an identity to the Premier League, while also establishing himself on Champions League nights and in international competition.

It's fair to say the final few years of Tyler's commentary have left a lot to be desired. The less said about his more recent and increasingly common aimless ramblings, separated the deafening silence of his own breath down the microphone, the better.

That doesn't tell the full story, though; a story of a remarkable career in one of the most difficult gigs there is. To celebrate the legend that is Tyler, we've threaded together some of his greatest moments from up on the gantry.

Martin Tyler's most iconic commentary moments:

"And, it's live!"

Martin Tyler | Most iconic commentary moments | Sportz Point.

Martin Tyler used to open up games with "And it's live" (Image- Getty Images)

It had to make the list some way or another - Tyler's catchphrase of "And, it's live," was the comforting opening to just about every Premier League game Sky Sports broadcast.

One fan joked on Twitter: "Martin Tyler has left Sky Sports? That means no more 'And it's live!' catchphrase from him on Saturday afternoons. Sad news for football fans who love to hear that!"

However, Tyler has made it clear he's not retiring - so we could still hear the phase. Tyler has made this punchline into one of the most iconic commentary moments.

"Welcome to Manchester United, Anthony Martial!"

Anthony Martial shocked the world with his Man Utd strike | Sportz Point

Anthony Martial shocked the world with his Man Utd strike (Image: Getty Images)

For one moment, Anthony Martial looked like he had the world at his feet, as he weaved through the Liverpool defence during his Red Devils debut.

Tyler noted Martial was "isolated", before letting out the famous: "Oh yes! 'Welcome to Manchester United, Anthony Martial. He's put the game to bed... Forget the second Thierry Henry, this is the first Anthony Martial. Brilliant. Worth every penny."

Unfortunately, for Martial, his career has since gone downhill for the Red Devils - while Tyler still had a couple more iconic quotes.

"It's eleven, it's heaven, for Jamie Vardy!"

Martin Tyler | Most iconic commentary moments | Sportz Point.

Leicester City's fairytale run to the Premier League title in 2015/16 was full of iconic moments - but one stands ahead of the rest. (Image- AP)

When Ruud van Nistelrooy notched ten games on the bounce, the record seemed unpassable, especially for a Leicester play. And the shock at the achievement Vardy has just accomplished is easy to hear: 'Vardy! It's eleven. It's heaven for Jamie Vardy.

Tyler holds his words for a second, letting the picture breathe: "Hold the back page. Hold the front page. A Leicester player has smashed the record."

"That is sensational. Even by his standards!"

Paolo Di Canio | Sportz Point.

Paolo Di Canio's strike was voted as the goal of the decade (Image: Getty Images)

Paolo Di Canio was a man with a knack for producing the absolutely unbelievable, on a regular basis - and we don't envy Tyler for having to put words to the masterpiece.

However, Di Canio's volley for West Ham against Wimbledon was other worlds, "even by his standards". The Italian hits the ball perfectly after Trevor Sinclair's looped perfectly towards Di Canio. Tyler said: "Sinclair's cross. Overcoming... and Di Canio. Oh. You won't believe that. That is sensational. Even by his standards."

The goal was voted as the Premiership goal of the decade in 2009.

"And Gerrardddddddd"

Gerrard's wonder goal broke the hearts of Hammers fans | Sportz Point

Steven Gerrard's strike broke West Ham hearts (Image: Getty Images)

Tyler has two iconic lines centred around Steven Gerrard - there was his strike against Olympiacos, but we've opted for his FA Cup equaliser.

The stage couldn't;t have been better: the game hung in the balance, Liverpool had already battled back once, and with the Millennium Stadium anticipating Gerrard stepped up. "So Liverpool have got possession. Four added minutes. And Gerrard... Oh... Oh... Stunning.

"You need someone to stand up and be counted to pull an absolute rabbit from a hat. Steven Gerrard has done just that. We know the name, son."


Sergio Aguero's famous strike is synonymous with Martin Tyler commentary | Most iconic commentary moments | Sportz Point

Sergio Aguero's famous strike is synonymous with Martin Tyler's commentary (Image: Manchester City FC via Getty Images)

It had to be at No.1, it just had to be.

There is only perhaps one commentary line that tops Tyler's recap of Manchester City's heart-stopping winner, to earn their first Premier League trophy, in 2012: Kenneth Wolstenholme's 1966 "They think it's all over" quip.

There was only one way a list like this could ever end. Sorry, United fans.

'Manchester City are still alive here… Balotelli… AGUUEERROOOOOOOOOOOO!'


Nothing can be more iconic commentary moments than this!

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