Mohun Bagan vs Mumbai City FC match rescheduled due to IPL match

The Mohun Bagan vs Mumbai City FC which was previously scheduled for 14 April 2024, has been shifted to 15 April 2024. This decision by FSDL has come after Mohun Bagan’s management had requested to postpone their match.

Payal Debnath
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Mohun Bagan vs Mumbai City FC match rescheduled due to IPL match

The Indian Super League (ISL) 2023-24 match between Mohun Bagan vs Mumbai City FC has been rescheduled. Image- myKhel

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FSDL has postponed Mohun Bagan vs Mumbai City FC match and confirmed a new date on April 15 for ISL tie in Kolkata citing the auspicious occasion of the ‘Bengali New Year.’ 

The Indian Super League match between Mohun Bagan vs Mumbai City FC was scheduled to take place on April 14. On the same day, there is a match between Kolkata Knight Riders vs Lucknow Super Giants at Eden Gardens. The sudden change in ISL schedule raised so many questions. However, Mohun Bagan itself wants to play the match on the next day i.e. 15th instead of 14th April.

If there is an IPL match on April 14, then it is not possible to go to Yuva Bharati on the same day. Because the Mohun Bagan-Mumbai match is also very important and could be a league, shield deciding match. So Mohun Bagan Super Giant applied to FSDL to postpone the match. Now, the match will kick off on April 15 at 7:30 PM at the Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan.

The OTT platform that broadcasts the ISL also wanted the Mohun Bagan vs Mumbai City FC match to be postponed. Apart from that, police clearance is definitely a factor. It has also been seen in the past that major matches are postponed due to lack of adequate police during Puja holidays. Even the last derby was postponed by an hour due to the brigade rally. However, there was no problem with World Cup matches being held in Eden during the Puja holidays. 

Bengali New Year is a big festival in West Bengal and the Kolkata giant wanted to avoid the game on that auspicious day. After FSDL accepted their plea to change the date, several ISL clubs have exclaimed their unhappiness regarding the decision by criticizing the league committee stating it to be unfair. 

They have also put forward their concern based on an incident where Odisha FC asked their league game to be rescheduled because of the AFC Cup, but it was denied. Hence, this decision by FSDL was unfair and biased is what the other clubs think. 

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