Norway vs Philippines Highlights: Norway win by 6-0 to qualify for round of 16

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Norway vs Philippines Highlights: Norway win by 6-0 to qualify for round of 16 | Sportz Point
Image: FIFA
Sophie Roman Haug scored a hat trick as Norway thrashed Philippines by 6-0 to qualify for the round of 16 in FIFA Women's World Cup 2023.
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Norway equaed the record for the biggest win of the FIFA Women’ World Cup 2023 so far after thrashing debutant Philippines by 6-0 in Auckland. Sophie Roman Haug scored a scintilating hat-trick for them to take her team to the round of 16. Norway qualifies for the next round as the runner-up from Group-A while Philippines and New Zealand bow out from the world cup. Read about all the best moments from the match Norway vs Philippines match in our LIVE blog below the match report.

First half | Norway vs Philippines

Norway answered all thei questions in a must-win encounter for them. Hege Riise’s team looked to score goal from the whistle as Sophie Roman Haug scored in the sixth minute of the match from a perfect volley past Olivia McDaniel. With relentless attacks from the one-time World Cup winners, it was about time that Philippines will conceede more than one in this match.

Norway vs Philippines Highlights: Norway win by 6-0 to qualify for round of 16 | Sportz Point
Sophie Roman Haug scored the second hat trick of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. Image: FIFA

The second goal came in the 16th minute as Sophie Roan Haug scored a beaufiul header from a tight angle for her second goal. In 31st minute, Caroline Garham Hansen scored her 45th international goal from 30 yards outside the box as everyone gazed at the ball ging into the nets. The first half eneded as Philippines founf it hard to hold onto positions except for first five minutes of the game.

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Second half | Norway vs Philippines

In the second half, Philippines would have hoped for a good start and restore their honour after their historical night against New Zealand. However, everything seem to be going wrong for them as the second half started. First an unfortunate own goal from Alicia Barker and then a top-notch penalty from Guro Reiten made it 5-0 before they could have recovered from devastating forst-half.

Norway vs Philippines Highlights: Norway win by 6-0 to qualify for round of 16 | Sportz Point
Guro Reiten with the penalty kick for Norway. Image: FIFA

Although Norway had secured their position as the runners up from Group A as New Zealand was drwaing against Switzerland in another match, they did not put their foot away from acclerator. Even with some changes, Norway kept on attacking for right and left. Philippines manwhile had some glimpses of hope with Sarin Bolden and Katrina Guillou trying their best to break into the final third.

11 minutes were added as stoppage time and Sophie Roman Haug she scores the second hat trick of this world cup. A brillant cross from Guro Reiten and Sophie jimped in the air to head it for hat-trick, the fourth for Norway in Women’s World Cup history.

Norway now will face either Japan or Spain in the round of 16 game.

Norway vs Philippines | LIVE Blog


Norway: Aurora Mikalsen, Tuva Hansen, Maren Mjelde (C), Vilde Boe Risa, Caroline Graham Hansen, Guro Reiten, Thea Bjelde, Mathilde Harviken, Frida Maanum, Emilie Haavi, Sophie Haug Roman

Philippines: Olivia McDaniel, Jessika Cowart, Jaclyn Sawicki, Hali Long (C), Sarin Bolden, Sara Eggesvik, Isabella Flanigan, Angela Beard, Alicia Barker, Quinley Quezada, Katrina Guillou

Big news for Norway as Ada Hedgerberg is sidelined due to an injury and Caroline Graham Hansen comes back into the lineup.

LIVE Score: Norway vs Philippines | NOR 6-0 PHI

1′ | Early free-kick for the Philippines | Norway vs Philippines

An early attack from the Philippines. Caroline Graham Hansen catches Katrina Guillou just outside the box and it is a free kick for the Philippines.

3′ | Graham Hensen already making a few moves

Caroline Graham Hansen going for the kill from the right. An early cross from her goes straight into the goalie’s hands. Then. another shot from her goes over the bar.

6′ | Norway scores | Norway 1-0 Philippines

Norway vs Philippines: Sophie Roman Haug with the first goal for Norway | Sportz Point
Sophie Roman Haug with the first goal for Norway. Image: FIFA

The first goal for Norway in this world cup. It is Sophie Roman Haug who volleys it past Olivia McDaniel from the left of the box to their first goal of the match. A good cross from Guro Reiten.

8′ | Good few minutes for Norway

Attack after attack from Norway as they keep on breaking into the Philippines’ final third. Sophie Roman Haug, Guro Reiten and Frida Maanum making all sorts of moves in the box.

16′ | 2-0 to Norway

It is Sophie Roman Haug again. This time with a header that goes over Olivia McDaniel. With New Zealand drawing in another game, Norway now can qualify from Group A.

28′ | Nearly a hat-trick for Sophie

A brilliant run and skill from Carolie Graham to put a cross to Sophie who was waiting at the middle of the box. Unfortunately for Sophie, she just puts the ball wide of the goal this time.

31′ | 3-0 for Norway | Caroline Garham scores

Probably the goal of the match. A strike from outside of the box to the left of Olivia McDaniel. Her 45th international goal. She was left out against the Swiss and now answering every doubt in the must-win match against the Philippines.

37′ | Nearly an own goal for the Philippines

Hali Long nearly puts one in the goal against her own team while trying to clear one cross from Frida Maanum. Luckily for her, Olivia McDaniel catches it easily.

Half-time: Norway 3-0 Philippines

Norway looked like a different team altogether. The Philippines found it hard to even get a hold of the ball except for the first five minutes of the game. Sophie Roman Haug along with Emilie Haavi and Caroline Graham Hansen made life difficult for them. Great goals by Sophie and Caroline to put Norway in a position to qualify for the next round.

46′ | Second half starts

Norway would surely love to score more and secure their place as the group runers-up. Philippines meanwhile will have their work cut out to stop the Norwegian attack.

48′ | Own goal for Philippines | Norway 4-0 Philppines

Alicia Barker scores the unfortunate own goal for the Philippines. A brilliant cross from Frida Maanum for Guro Reiten was deflected by Barker right into the goal.

50′ | VAR Check for a penalty

A VAR check for possible penalty for Norway going on. Guro Reiten was in action again.

52′ | 5-0 for Norway

Guro Reiten scores from the spot to make it 5-0 for them. It is two goals already within the first seven minutes of the second half.

54′ | Guro Reiten nearly made it 6-0!

Guro had a chance to score her second from the middle of the box. Surely an opportunity she hated to miss.

63′ | Philippines trying to make some moves

The Philippines trying to break into the final third. Bolden from the left is trying her best to create sm space. However, no result for them till now.

65′ | VAR for a possible Red card

VAR check for a possible red card against substitute Sofia Harrison.

66′ | Red card for Harrison

A red car for substitute Sofia Harrison for a foul against Thea Bjelde.

72′ | Good block by Hali Long

Hali Long blocks a shot from Ingrid Syrstad Engen. A great opprutnity from the substittue. But she was not able to net the ball.

78′ | Norway looking for their sixth

They are surely looking for the biggest win of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. But, Philippines captain Hali Long have been good petroling the defense.

83′ | World Class save from Olivia McDaniel

Oustandig save from the Philippines No.1. The curving shot from Guro Reiten was surely heading into the goal. But McDaniel jukmps in the air to punch the ball over the bar.

89′ | Another save from Olivia McDaniel

Anna Josendal makes a great run to break into the final third. However, her shot is safely handeled by Olivia McDaniel.

90′ | 11 added minutes

11 minutes added as stoppage time.

90+5′ | Haug scores her hat-trick | Norway 6-0 Philippines

A good cross from Guro Reiten again. Roman Haug attacks the ball and heads it for her hat-trick. This is the second hat-trick of FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023.

90+10′ | Haug hits the bar

So close to her fourth of the match. Sophie Roman Haug reachs out for the ball and gets a touch on the ball. Unfortunately for her, it hits the bar!

Full time: Norway 6-0 Philippines

Questions have been answered. A masterclass of a performance from Hege Riise’s team. Sophie Roman Huag finishes with a hat-trick while Guro Reiten and Caroline Graham Hansen scored the other goals for them. Philippines finish their world cup joourney. Norway moves onto the next stage. They will face either Spain or Japan in round of 16.

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