Portugal vs Czechia UEFA Euro 2024 Highlights | Francisco Conceição scores late winner to hand Portugal full points

Read the Portugal vs Czechia UEFA Euro 2024 Highlights as Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal escaped with a narrow 2-1 win over Cezchia as Francisco Conceição scored a late winner for them.

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Portugal vs Czechia UEFA Euro 2024 Highlights | Francisco Conceição scores late winner to hand Portugal full points -

Francisco Conceição scored the late winner for Portugal. Image | UEFA

Portugal defeated the Czech Republic by 2-1 in the Group F fixture of the UEFA Euro 2024. Despite a few chances for Cristiano Ronaldo in the first half, it was Czechia's Provod who scored the first goal of the match in the 62nd minute of the match to stun the whole football world. 

But, their joy could not last long since Robin Hranac scored an unlucky own goal to hand Portugal the equaliser. Though the Czechia team had done a great job in resisting the Portuguese team till regulation time, it was a late winner from Francisco Conceição that broke their heart. A 92nd-minute goal from the 21-year-old would mean Portugal would leave the field with full points. 

In this game, Pepe became the oldest outfield player to play in the European Championship while Cristiano Ronaldo became the only player to play in six Euro Cups.

For the highlights of the Portugal vs Czechia match, read our LIVE blog below.

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    • Jun 19, 2024 03:00 IST
      Vitinha was the player of the match

    • Jun 19, 2024 02:59 IST

    • Jun 19, 2024 02:25 IST
      Full time | Portugal 2-1 Czechia

      A heartfelt defeat for Czechia. They were so good yet so far from winning a point against the mighty Portugal. Ronaldo and company earn important full points with a winner from Conceição.

    • Jun 19, 2024 02:22 IST
      90+1' | Goal for Portugal | POR 2-1 CZE

      Francisco Conceição scored the winner for Portugal -

      Francisco Conceição scores with his first touch of the match. Nato did well to dribble past the defender and sent the cross. A mistake from Hranac and the ball landed on the feet of Conceição. He gives the lead to Portugal.

    • Jun 19, 2024 02:19 IST
      90' | Four minutes added

      Four minutes added to the final 90 minutes. 

    • Jun 19, 2024 02:19 IST
      90' | Changes for Portugal

      Mendes, Cancelo and Vitinha make away for Net, Semedo and Francisco.

    • Jun 19, 2024 02:17 IST
      88' | Portugal's goal is denied

      Diego Jota scored for Portugal but Cristiano Ronaldo was found offside who hit the post with the header before Jota kicked the ball inside the goal. It stays 1-1.

    • Jun 19, 2024 02:11 IST

    • Jun 19, 2024 02:11 IST
      82' | Sevick misses the target

      An attack from Czechia after a long time. First Ruben Dias blocked a shot and the rebound ball fall on the feet of Sevcik but he could not be on target. 

    • Jun 19, 2024 02:08 IST
      80' | Changes for Czechia

      Sevcik and Barak replace Sulc and Provod. 

    • Jun 19, 2024 02:07 IST
      78' | Save from Stanek

      Another save from Stanek to deny Vitinha. Good shot along the ground and Stanek does well to dive to his left and send the ball for a corner.

    • Jun 19, 2024 02:00 IST
      72' | Stanek makes another save | POR 1-1 CZE

      Stanek makes a strong save to deny Silva.

    • Jun 19, 2024 02:00 IST
      69' | Own goal by Hranac | POR 1-1 CZE

      Portugal vs Czechia UEFA Euro 2024 Live Updates | Horrific own goal from Czechia; POR 1-1 CZE -

      Czechia are unlucky here and Portugal bring everything back to parity. It is Nuno Mendes who did well to jump high to get the header but Stanek decided to punch the ball away and an unlucky deflection from Hranac takes the ball inside the goal. 

    • Jun 19, 2024 01:55 IST

    • Jun 19, 2024 01:52 IST
      62' | Goal from Provod | POR 0-1 CZE

      Portugal vs Czechia UEFA Euro 2024 Live Updates | Provod gives Czechia the lead; POR 0-1 CZE -

      What a strike! Czechia lead against Portugal. Against all the odds, they score on their first chance. It is Lukas Provod who times the ball sweetly to beat Costa. Just beautiful. Portugal will have to play the catching game now. 

    • Jun 19, 2024 01:49 IST
      60' | Changes for Czechia

      Schick and Kuchta are in for Chytil and Lingr.

    • Jun 19, 2024 01:47 IST
      58' | Stanek makes the save

      Ronaldo was on target with the free-kick but Stanek did well to grab the ball easily.

    • Jun 19, 2024 01:46 IST
      57' | Yellow card

      Schick gets the yellow card for a foul on Cancelo

    • Jun 19, 2024 01:44 IST
      55' | Ronaldo's corner is well defended

      Good cross sent in by Ruben Dias from the right. Though Ronaldo got the header perfectly, Holes does well to jump as high as Ronaldo and deflect the ball for a corner.

    • Jun 19, 2024 01:34 IST
      46' | Dalot takes his chance

      Dalot takes a chance with his left foot. However, he misses the target. 

    • Jun 19, 2024 01:34 IST
      Second half starts

      Second half starts. 

    • Jun 19, 2024 01:29 IST

    • Jun 19, 2024 01:19 IST
      Half-time | POR 0-0 CZE

      Goalless half-time in Portugal vs Czechia. Portugal, despite creating a few chances from their greatest player ever, could not convert them into goals. Meantime, Czechia have been solid as a team defending and taking the ball away whenever given an opportunity by the Portuguese.

    • Jun 19, 2024 01:17 IST
      45+1' | Save from Stanek

      Good save from Stanek just the stroke of halftime. He denies Ronaldo again. Three chances gone begging for Ronaldo. 

    • Jun 19, 2024 01:15 IST
      45' | 1 minute added

      1 minute has been added to the first half.

    • Jun 19, 2024 01:14 IST
      43' | Czech have been solid in defense

      Though they lack the star power in their lineup, the Czech have been able to keep their form and shape to not let any threat convert into a goal. Other than Ronaldo's two chances, Portugal have not been able to find any great chances so far.

    • Jun 19, 2024 01:10 IST
      39' | Yellow card

      Yellow card for Rafael Leao for diving just outside the box. 

    • Jun 19, 2024 01:03 IST
      32' | Ronaldo misses another chance

      Portugal vs Czechia UEFA Euro 2024 Live Updates | Ronaldo misses two chances - sportzpoint,.com

      Brilliant ball here from Bruno who found Ronaldo between the defenders. Ronaldo, on-side, could not take the ball past the goalkeeper. 

    • Jun 19, 2024 00:57 IST
      26' | Chance for Portugal

      Chance for Portugal as they won the ball from their half and Bruno sent a great ball along the ground for Leao. However, even a stretched Leao could not get a touch to the ball. 

    • Jun 19, 2024 00:55 IST
      24' | Bruno misses the target

      Bruno Fernandes takes his chance with the right foot from outside the box and he misses the target narrowly. 

    • Jun 19, 2024 00:54 IST
      22' | Back to back corners for Portugal

      Sustained pressure from the Portuguese lineup as Leao, Ronaldo, Bruno, Silva and Mendes played good passes between them on the left and right. 

    • Jun 19, 2024 00:52 IST
      Electric atmosphere

      Portugal vs Czechia UEFA Euro 2024 Live Updates -

    • Jun 19, 2024 00:51 IST

    • Jun 19, 2024 00:45 IST
      14' | It is raining

      Rain has started here in Germany and we are ready for a great show.

    • Jun 19, 2024 00:45 IST
      13' | Silva's shot is blocked

      Souček blocks Silva's shot after Leao was able to the send a brilliant cross from the left.

    • Jun 19, 2024 00:40 IST
      8' | Ronaldo misses the header

      Portugal vs Czechia UEFA Euro 2024 Live Updates | Ronaldo missed an early header -

      Brilliant Leao sends the cross in for Ronaldo before dribbling past the right back. However, Ronaldo could not get the prefect header in for a dream start to the campaign. 

    • Jun 19, 2024 00:37 IST

    • Jun 19, 2024 00:36 IST

    • Jun 19, 2024 00:35 IST
      4' | Burno on the left looking sharp

      Bruno Fernandes on the left has looked good so far and has already been able to send two crosses for Ronaldo on the right. However, on both occasions, the Portuguese legend was not able to get to the ball. 

    • Jun 19, 2024 00:32 IST
      Kick off

      Portugal starts the proceedings. 

    • Jun 19, 2024 00:30 IST
      Teams are out

      National anthems are done and we are ready fort the action.

    • Jun 19, 2024 00:27 IST

    • Jun 19, 2024 00:22 IST
      They are ready too

    • Jun 19, 2024 00:15 IST

      Portugal vs Czechia UEFA Euro 2024 Live Updates | Pepe, Ronaldo become oldest outfield players in Euro -

    • Jun 19, 2024 00:09 IST

    • Jun 18, 2024 23:30 IST
      United by Football

    • Jun 18, 2024 23:29 IST
      Starting XIs


      Diogo Costa, Dalot, Pepe, Dias, Cancelo, Silva, Fernandes, Vitinha, Mendes, Leao, Ronaldo


      Stanek, Holes, Hranac, Krejci, Coufal, Sulc, Soucek, Provod, Doudera, Kuchta, Schick

    • Jun 18, 2024 23:27 IST
      Here they come

    • Jun 18, 2024 23:26 IST
      Patrik Schick in the house

    • Jun 18, 2024 23:25 IST
      Crazy scenes at Leipzig

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