Princess Kate and Prince William ditch royal duties to watch Prince George play football

Prince William and Kate Middleton cheered on their eldest son Prince George as he slayed his school ground.
They might be royal but are football fans afterall. (Image-  Sky News)
They might be royal but are football fans afterall. (Image- Sky News)

The Prince William and Princess Kate of Wales blended in perfectly as they cheered on Prince George from the sidelines wearing matching denim outfits.

The Prince and Princess of Wales left royal fans stunned last week as they stepped out to watch their eldest son Prince George play football.

Kate, dressed casually in flared jeans, a khaki-green rain mac, bulky scarf and white trainers, was pictured standing beside Prince William in what appeared to be a school hall.

All three of the royals during Germany bs England earlier this year (Image- Getty)

Her husband Prince William was also dressed down for the occassion, wearing jeans, a navy jacket and matching baseball cap.

Royal fans were impressed that the royal couple were able to blend in and attend a football game just like any other parent – especially as they appeared to have done so in the wet and windy weather, as Kate's normally perfect bouncy blow dry looked a little worse for wear.

Fans took to X, formally known as Twitter, to commend the couple with one person writing: "I love them as just normal people, parents out on a rainy day. Love it!"

Another said: "Jeans, sneakers, wet clothes & hair with no makeup. Both are truly soaked and still look fabulous. They probably hate that they're being photographed, but I appreciate seeing them being regular parents yet still beautiful. Just nice. Them. Goals."

A third added: "Been there done that, so glad they and their children get to enjoy the 'normal' everyday things, like getting soaked at the side of a pitch."

Many other fans were impressed that they were able to undertake the activity despite being the future king and queen.

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