PSG Transfer News: Mbappe has not asked to leave PSG this summer

Kylian Mbappe sent a letter to PSG saying he would not extend his contract but definitely, he is staying there this season.

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The French superstar is declining to exercise the clause to extend the deal to the summer of 2025. Mbappe's deal currently expires next summer. Mbappe said, "The only aim of the letter was to confirm what had already been spoken about." There were rumours from tier 1 sources about a potential PSG transfer news about Mbappe that he doesn't want to continue in Paris. Later it was confirmed that he doesn't want to extend the contract but will play for PSG this season.

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News emerged on Monday that Kylian Mbappe had written to PSG to tell them he would not be triggering the clause in his current deal that would see it extended until the summer of 2025. It means that he is set to become a free agent next summer. In a statement sent to the news agency AFP on Tuesday, Mbappe said PSG have known his decision for nearly a year, adding that "the only aim of the letter was to confirm what had already been spoken about previously".

PSG Transfer News: The Mbappe saga

Mbappe also insisted he has not spoken to PSG about extending his contract. The statement states: "After having publicly declared in recent weeks that he will be a Parisian next season, Kylian Mbappe did not ask for his departure this summer. He merely confirmed to the club that he was not activating his additional year."

"The management of the club in charge of its extension (signed on May 21, 2022) was informed of its decision on July 15, 2022. The sole purpose of the email was to confirm what had already been orally clarified previously."

"Mbappe and his entourage claim they have not discussed this point with the club again during the year, except 15 days ago to announce the sending of the letter. Nor has any possible new extension been mentioned."

"Finally, Mbappe and his entourage regret that the receipt of this letter has been transmitted to the media. These exchanges are made public with the sole aim of damaging his image and the relations with the club."

Lionel Messi has already left. Neymar wants a move too this summer. If Mbappe is leaving after playing his last contractual season, who will be the face of PSG then? PSG need to sign a player to build their project on. Asensio and Ugarte have already joined the club. who's next?

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