Spanish FA Chief Luis Rubiales' Mother Goes On Hunger Strike after the 'Kiss' Controversy

Luis Rubiales kissed Jenni Hermoso after the historic victory in the Women's World Cup final and that led to a massive controversy.

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Luis Rubiales | Spanish FA Chief Luis Rubiales' Mother Goes On Hunger Strike after the 'Kiss' Controversy | Sportz Point

Royal Spanish Football Federation chief Luis Rubiales' mother has locked herself inside a church and has announced a hunger strike after the 'kiss' controversy at the FIFA Women's World Cup final. Luis Rubiales kissed Spanish footballer Jenni Hermoso after the team's historic victory over England and later, Hermoso said that the kiss was "against her consent". Rubiales has faced massive backlash from all around the world and FIFA decided to hand him a 90-day suspension after 81 footballers decided to go on strike in response to the incident. Rubiales' mother, Angeles Bejar is on her son's side and criticized authorities for their "inhumane treatment".

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Bejar said that her strike would last "until a solution is found to the inhumane and bloody hunt they are carrying out against my son with something he does not deserve."

The EFE report stated that Bejar was staying inside the parish church of Divina Pastora in Rubiales' hometown in southern Spain, Motril, with her sister. She also demanded that Hermoso tell the truth about the incident and "stick to the version she gave at the beginning".

"There is no sexual abuse since there is consent on both sides, as the images prove," Bejar questioned, "why they're taking it out on him, and what is behind this whole story". My son is incapable of hurting anyone," Bejar said. Rubiales stated that he did not do anything wrong and refused to step down from his position as Spanish FA chief. He said that the kiss was "spontaneous, mutual, euphoric and consensual".

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