"The Kiss Was Consented," Luis Rubiales On FIFA World Cup Final Controversy

Former Spanish Football Federation president Luis Rubiales continued to insist on his kiss on Hermoso after the Women's World Cup final.

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Luis Rubiales | "The Kiss Was Consented," Luis Rubiales On FIFA World Cup Final Controversy | Sportz Point

World Cup-winning Spain midfielder Hermoso said the kiss was not consensual and a Spanish judge has summoned Rubiales to appear in court on Friday in a sexual assault investigation. Luis Rubiales stood down from his post on Sunday, three weeks after the incident during the final medal ceremony following Spain's World Cup triumph. He continued to insist on his kiss on Hermoso's lips to be consensual.

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"What we had is a spontaneous act, a mutual act, an act that both consented to, which was driven by the emotion of the moment, the happiness, so I maintain that that is the truth of what happened," Luis Rubiales told TalkTV show Piers Morgan Uncensored.

The 46-year-old described the kiss as "non-sexual". He also compared his behaviour to how he would act with his daughters. "My intentions were noble, enthusiastic, 100 percent non-sexual, 100 percent, I repeat, 100 percent," said Rubiales.

"You can imagine if you win the lottery or hopefully soon one day the war in Ukraine finishes, I mean celebrations will go on up and down the globe," he added. "People don't ask permission, it's just a happy, happy time and people celebrate. Of course, I have said it from the beginning, I made a mistake, and I apologized in a sincere manner," he further added.

Over 80 women's players went on strike from the national team. Spanish Football Federation sacked the controversial coach Jorge Vilda. The former chief stepped down on Sunday to help Spain's 2030 men's World Cup bid, as well as his family who came under pressure after his actions.

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