The Premier League big six’s net spend per trophy over the last 10 years

Manchester United’s recent failures are highlighted by a quick glance at their net spend per trophy over the past 10 years, with Chelsea, Liverpool and the rest getting much more bang for their buck.
Man United have the money (Image- Getty Images)
Man United have the money (Image- Getty Images)

Bankrolled by billionaire owners, Premier League clubs have been throwing money at new players in the hope it translates to results on the pitch.

Using data from Transfermarkt, we've looked at the net spend per trophy won for the 'big six' Premier League clubs since 2013-14.

Note: we've not included the Community Shield as a major trophy.

The figures show that City are obviously dominating in terms of getting a return on their investments, and while Arsenal have closed the gap considerably, failure to win silverware means their recent heavy investment is looking a little desperate.

With Chelsea spending £601.7m last season and already splashing £345.9m on new signings this summer, many football fans are asking the same question: how are they operating within Financial Fair Play rules?

The £115m arrival of Moises Caicedo saw Chelsea break the Premier League transfer record for the second time in six months and took the club's spending under co-owner Todd Boehly to almost £900m, a figure that has since increased with confirmation of Romeo Lavia's £58m move.

Manchester United have the biggest net spend of any Premier League side since 2014, which doesn't reflect well on their trophy haul since then.

1. Manchester United

Transfer expenditure: €1.79billion
Transfer income: €465.74million
Net spend: €1326.42milion

Trophies won: 4
Net spend per trophy: €331.6million

2. Arsenal

Transfer expenditure: €1.38billion
Transfer income: €386.05million
Net spend: €995.72million

Trophies won: 4
Net spend per trophy: €248.93million

3. Chelsea

Transfer expenditure: €2.37billion
Transfer income: €1.38billion
Net spend: €992.41million

Trophies won: 8
Net spend per trophy: €124.05million

4. Liverpool

Steven Caulker (Image- Liverpool)

Transfer expenditure: €1.22billion
Transfer income: €769.67million
Net spend: €451.86million

Trophies won: 6
Net spend per trophy: €75.31million

5. Manchester City

Transfer expenditure: €1.79billion
Transfer income: €724.30million
Net spend: €1065.52million

Trophies won: 15
Net spend per trophy: €71.03million

6. Tottenham 

Transfer expenditure: €1.17billion
Transfer income: €694.02million
Net spend: €480.91million

Trophies won: 0
Net spend per trophy: N/A

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