Top 5 Defenders with the Most Champions League goals

Gerard Pique has become the defender with most champions league goals. Let's look at the top 5 defenders with the most champions league goals.

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There is a popular quote stating that "attack wins you games, defence wins you titles". The saying couldn't have been more perfect. Although every team needs a quality defender who will not let the other team score, goal-scoring defenders are very rare. Moreover, when it comes to the most elite European Club competition, every goal matters. Let us look at the defenders who have the most champions league goals to their name.

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Top 5 Defenders with the most champions league goals:

#5 Ronaldo Koeman (13 Goals)

The former Barcelona defender and the present coach features at number 5 in this list having scored 13 goals in 52 appearances. However, he scored all his goals in the champions league for three different clubs. He scored 4 goals out of the 13 in the European Cup and the rest 9 in the champions league.

European Cup goals breakdown: 1 goal for Barcelona in 11 appearances. 3 goals for PSV in 12 appearances.

Champions League goals breakdown: 8 goals for Barcelona in 12 appearances in the 93/94 season. 1 goal for Barcelona in 8 appearances in 8 appearances in the 94/95 season.

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#4 Sergio Ramos (15 Goals)

Former Real Madrid captain Ramos is the only defender this century to crack 100 goals, clocking in with 126 in 890 games. On the other hand, when it comes to the Champions League the Spaniard is also on the list of highest scoring defenders. He has netted the ball 15 times in 129 appearances for the Los Blancos. Ramos also provided 8 assists and played a whopping 11,399 minutes in the royal whites. However, he is not a Real Madrid player anymore as he recently completed his transfer to the French Giants PSG. He is just two goals away from being the highest-scoring defender in the UCL.

#3 Ivan Helguera (15 Goals)

Ivan Helguera is the joint second highest goal scoring defender in the Champions League | SportzPoint

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Iván Helguera Bujía is a Spanish former footballer. He Played as either a central defender or defensive midfielder and had very good defensive and offensive skills. He scored 15 goals in 87 appearances for Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League. However, he joined Valencia CF in the latter stages of his career. His best season in the UCL was in the 2000-2001 season where he scored 6 goals and provided 2 assists in 14 appearances.

#2 Roberto Carlos (16 Goals)

Roberto Carlos has scored the most goals in the Champions League as a defender | SportzPoint

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The explosive Brazilian left-back features at no.1 in the list of defenders with the highest number of goals in the champions league. Best known for his curved and swirling free-kick, the Brazilian represented two different clubs in the Champions League. However, he scored all of his 16 goals for the Los Blancos. Roberto Carlos scored 16 goals in 120 appearances in the UCL and also provided 25 assists in the meantime. Although he has 13 appearances for Fenerbahce SK from 2007-09 in the UCL, he failed to register his name on the scoresheet.

#1 Gerard Pique (16 Goals)

Gerard Pique has scored 15 goals in 119 appearances in the Champions League | SportzPoint

Image - CBS Sports

The ever-dependable Gerard Pique also has 16 goals in 119 appearances under his belt. However, he scored all his goals in the champions league for two different clubs including Manchester United and FC Barcelona.

Champions League goals breakdown:

For Barcelona - 14 goals in 118 appearances from 2008- NOW.

For Manchester United - 2 goals in 4 appearances from 2004-2008.

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Most goals in UCL as a defender - Top 4  contenders | SportzPoint

N.B. The stats are accurate as of October 21, 2021.

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