UEFA Club Rankings 2021: Serie A beats Bundesliga in coefficients, Premier League at top

Simply known as the Big Five, their reach and influence are unparalleled. Yet the quality of each league has become hotly debated
UEFA Club Rankings 2021 - Sportz Point
UEFA Club Rankings 2021 - Sportz Point

The UEFA Club Rankings 2021 are regarding the top five European leagues are the Premier League, Serie A, Ligue 1, the Bundesliga, and La Liga. Simply known as the Big Five, their reach and influence are unparalleled. Yet the quality of each league has become hotly debated.

How does the UEFA coefficient ranking work?

The club coefficients are based on the results of each association's clubs in the five previous UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League seasons. The rankings determine the number of places allocated to an association (country) in the upcoming UEFA club competition.

The club coefficients are based on points obtained by all its clubs in a given season in the UEFA Champions League (UCL), UEFA Europa League (UEL), and the newly added UEFA Europa Conference League (UECL).

The coefficient is calculated by working out an average score: dividing the number of points obtained, by the total number of clubs representing an association in that season's club competitions. The resulting figure is then tallied with the results of the previous four seasons to calculate the coefficient. Where two associations have the same coefficient, the association with the higher coefficient in the most recent season is placed first.

The UEFA Club Rankings 2021 Head-to-head fight among the Top 5 Leagues

The Premier League currently holds the first position in the Rankings. It is due to their dominant participation in all formats of UEFA competitions. Premier League is currently leading with 93.92 points and having almost a 10 point gap with the 2nd placed La Liga, who has 84.99 points. Whereas Ligue 1 is sitting comfortably at 5th place.

Serie A vs Bundesliga. Photo- Inside Sport

However, the main head-to-head clash has always been more between Serie A and Bundesliga. Both the League's have been taking on each other, following their active UCL participation. As per the points system, Serie A mainly gets the advantage from Juventus and Napoli as their main teams to get the much-needed influence in the UEFA competitions. On the other hand, Bundesliga mainly depends on the performances of Bayern Munich, as they are the most successful team coming from the German league. Though Borussia Dortmund has been contributing as well, their recent runs in the UEFA competitions have not been up to par. But this time Serie A jumped to third place this season with 68.33, just a 2 point lead over the Bundesliga who has 66.21. Which is solely decided by the point system of the UEFA Coefficients.

So let us have a look at the current UEFA Club Rankings:

  9 Scotland32.700

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