“UEFA rules are crazy. Everytime I score, they give it to the opposition:” Here are some funniest tweets on Harry Maguire own goal against Sevilla

The funniest tweets and reaction from Harry Maguire's own goal against Sevilla.
Harry Maguire came on and scored an own goal that gave Sevilla the equalizer (Image- UEFA)
Harry Maguire came on and scored an own goal that gave Sevilla the equalizer (Image- UEFA)

Harry Maguire scored an own goal that gave Sevilla their crucial equalizer to make it 2-2 in the first leg of UEFA Europa League quarter-final. Football twitter has come up with hilarious tweets that a beyond funny.

Some football fan really believes that Manchester United winning and their fans celebrating is noise polution. So he thanks Harry Maguire for the own goal and saving others from Manchester United fans celebrating a victory.

Another fan praises Maguire 's striker instinct for scoring a perfect header that was way beyond De Gea's grasp. An unlucky header that turned out to be perfect own goal.

Another opposition fan calls Harry Maguire, Captain, Leader and Legend for his frequent mistakes that has disrupted Manchester United's progress over the years.

Harry Maguire' s own goal (Image- ESPN)

He has also been branded as the worst signing in Manchester United history as he costed 80 million for his tranfer for Leicester.

Chelsea fan also appreciated his effort putting down Manchester United over the years as he asked for likes as appreciation.

While City fans want to stand with Harry Maguire as they want him to start every Premier League match and want Manchester United's demise in the process.


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