"We will try to use our weapons to try to get the victory for sure," East Bengal head coach Carles Cuadrat is ready to face Mohun Bagan in the Duand Cup 2023 Final

The anticipation is building as Mohun Bagan and East Bengal will face each other in the final of the Durand Cup 2023 at the VYBK stadium.

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Carles Cuadrat | "We will try to use our weapons to try to get the victory for sure," East Bengal head coach Carles Cuadrat is ready to face Mohun Bagan in the Duand Cup 2023 Final | Sportz Point

On Sunday, September 03, 2023, Mohun Bagan Super Giant and Emami East Bengal will face each other at the Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan in the 'Kolkata derby', to earn the right to be called champions of the Durand Cup 2023. The match will kick off at 4 pm Indian Standard Time (IST). Both teams had a brilliant campaign although most of the matches were very close. East Bengal have already defeated Mohun Bagan once during the group stages so they will be confident enough to go against the dominating Mohun Bagan side in the ultimate clash. East Bengal coach also commented in the pre-match press conference on how they are preparing for the final.

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How East Bengal have grown through playing in the Durand Cup 2023?

"Yes, I think that it has been very important for us because we know that we came from a negative dynamic. So we were talking in the locker room after we conceded two balls with one player less against Bangladesh. It was a difficult point at that moment because new project and new players and we conceded cheap goals at the end of the match," the East Bengal boss said.

"So I think that we all love good talking, we realize the importance of the next game. There was like a special moment between supporters and, and the team and I think it was the starting of believing, you know, and, and then of course, the winning of the semifinals also helped. That it is helping to create a mental situation. I think that it's very important for the club. We know where are we coming from and we know that it doesn't change in one month. So it's just the base for the work for the next few years," he added.

Challenges to face because of the humidity?

"Yes, but it's the same for the two teams. So it makes not a difference we come from what we have with and the technical staff in, in a match of the team. So yeah, I think that at four it will be really hot weather but it will be the same for both teams."

In which areas does East Bengal have to improve?

"Of course, it's, it's just the start of a project. It's the build-up of a new project with a lot of new players and we have to adjust and we have to create something for the future. What I'm happy about is that we have been competitive. It's only the first step of our project, but we have been competing."

Where does Carles Cuadrat place his side against Mohun Bagan?

"They have played four games and won the four games and so on. They are in another mode, they have that kind of dynamic, positive, and if you see they are playing every cup. So it gives good experience and, they have been beating the champion of Nepal, the champion of Bangladesh and the champion of India because they beat Mumbai and Mumbai was the champion of the ISL. So yeah, they have been building his mentality and also building the team physically," the East Bengal boss Carles Cuadrat explained.

"But at the same time, we can see that most of the games have been by narrow margins. A lot of times it has been a penalty that opens the door for the victory. A lot of times it has been that they have conceded one goal. So yeah, it's going to be a great football match and we will try to use our weapons to try to get the victory for sure," he added.

Is Carles Cuadrat worried about the referees?

"Not in the bit about referees because the referee is not in my hands. You know, I have listened to a lot of controversies about referees but it's we coaches, we do our job and they, they try to do the best that they can. And, but what I remember if I can say something about that is that in some initiatives in the Super League, sometimes they arrive for liners, referees. I understand that it's a question of bad generalization, that kind of thing. But, I think that there is a lot of pressure on referees. So sometimes when somebody comes from another atmosphere that he's not involved in, in any, in any stressful situation, maybe he can do better his job," Carles answered.

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