Why do footballers get punished for taking shirts off?

So why do footballers get punished for taking shirts off during football matches especially for celebrations.

Avignyan Mukhopadhyay
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It is a common sight seeing players celebrate with their shirts off… especially if you're watching Cristiano Ronaldo. Usually almost always- we see that happen when a footballer scores a really big goal for his team, one that is certain to get them the result they are yearning for. The most obvious way to celebrate, then, becomes the one way the rule books don't allow you to celebrate. So why do footballers get punished for taking shirts off?

Maybe that is the whole appeal of it. Unbridled jubilation and joy finds an outlet in doing something that is going to get you penalized- you're so in-the-moment that nothing can faze you, not even a booking from the referee. But why do players get booked for taking their shirts off while celebrating in the first place?

Sportz Point takes you through three of the reasons we believe are entirely, or at least partially responsible for "why do footballers get punished for taking shirts off".



Roberto Firmino (Image- Sport Bible)

One of the main, if not the main reason why players get booked for taking their shirts off is because it then hides the name of the sponsors. Since these moments take place at arguably the most photographable moment of the match, the cameras pan to the goal scorer for obvious reasons.

If he is not wearing his team's shirt, the sponsor's name is then not visible. That is apparently a bummer for the companies that pay big bucks to place their brand's logo on the front or the sides of the shirt. And for this reason, players are cautioned for celebrating this way.

Agression from opposition fans:

Another why players get yellow card for taking shirt off in football games- at least that's what the law books would admit- is that is instigates aggression from opposition fans that see it as a sign of disrespect. Apparently, getting semi-naked on the pitch is treated as a potential instigator for brawls on stands.

Time wasting:


Dimitar Berbatov (Image- Pinterest)

Another reason behind is it because it can waste time. The whole process of taking the shirt off, throwing it away somewhere on the pitch, then wearing it back on, can take a while. But this is perhaps the least important and significant reason behind it. It hardly takes any time extra to take it off and wear it, after all.

It's a shame that we see this happen because at times, players actually have noble intent behind doing it. Many see it as a moment to send a message to someone they love, to pay respect to people, or if you're Dimitar Berbatov, to just make a light-hearted joke.

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