"With time we will get better," Jason Cummings after helping Mohun Bagan defeat Dhaka

Jason Cummings scored the equaliser as Mohun Bagan Super Giant defeated Dhaka Abahani by 3-1 to qualify for the AFC Cup Group Stage.

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Jason Cummings | "With time we will get better," Jason Cummings after helping Mohun Bagan defeat Dhaka | Sportz Point

Mohun Bagan Super Giant defeated Dhaka Abahani by 3-1 in Kolkata to qualify for the AFC Cup 2023 Group Stage. Dhaka Abahani were the first team to score at Vivekananda Yuba Bharati but Mohun Bagan comeback with a solid response via a Jason Cummings penalty, an own goal from Milad, and Sadiku's debut goal for the Mariners. "Game by game, we're going to get better and better." Jason Cummings said at the post-match press conference.

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"We know about a difficult match today because there are some players who are joining our training, some programs at the last moment. I am happy about the team and for the players." when the MBSG head coach got asked him what changed in the second half?

"Yeah, and you know, I'm always happy to score a goal, you know, it was an important goal at this time of the match. But yeah, just the most important thing was to get the win and you know, this is our job to get through into the group stages. This was most important, and you know, we got the job done and I feel like it was a good performance, especially in the second half. I feel like we controlled the game a lot. So all around it was good." Jason Cummings said on asking about the team's playing style.

"The team can improve and will lose in some instances," Juan Ferrando said on asking about the player's fitness and form

"It's impossible to tell you in three matches, the team will be ready. I think this team is the target of the team. The goal of the team is to improve every match. Obviously, we are not in 50% maybe we need to improve a lot. The players need to work together in the training. But you know, we are in different competitions. Now some players are joining the national team. So it's difficult, but I hope they will be 20 by 20 match by match. The team can improve and will lose in some instances or when you decide to line up, everybody will be ready and, and help the team immediately. Yeah, and it takes time," Ferrando said.

Obviously, you know, we've got a new team here and for me personally, it's good to get a couple of goals and you know, I get to build my confidence, you know, I feel like I've got a lot more to give and I'm still you know, getting my fitness as well and getting used to the conditions over here," Jason said on asking about the early experience of playing in India

"You know, it's a different style of play, play in India, you know, the humidity and the weather and I feel like, you know, we're going well, you know, we're gelling well as a team and, you know, we can see every gateway we've been getting better," he further added.

SportzPoint asked Jason Cummings about his partnership with the players

"Yeah, we've obviously got quality players here, you know, there is going to create chances, you know, we, we're less with, you know, really good players and creative players. And so for a striker, for me, it's good to be part of this team. You know, I know I'm gonna get chances, you know, I feel like we need to be a little bit more clinical at times. But I think that just comes with time, you know, I think, you know, give us time and, you know, game by game, we're going to get better and better and you know, these chances that we keep creating, we're going to put these in the back of the net." said Jason.

Half-time Dressing room Insight

"I feel like, you know, the first half, we weren't at our best and you know, we got the penalty, you know, gave us a lifeline and, you know, it was, I was happy to, you know, score this goal to get us back into the game. But, you know, we knew personally that we, we need to give more, you know, we need to work harder, we need to press harder, you know, and the coach, the coach says that half time, you know, I mean, we need more, we need more from you. We need to keep the ball better, we need to do better,"
Cummings answered.

"And yeah, I feel like in the second half, it showed that and I feel like we came in the second half and we control the game, we took care of the ball and we moved it side to side and we had, we created more chances and, you know, we scored two goals, second half and, you know, I feel in the end it was a comfortable victory," he further added.

Juan Ferrando explained in which areas the team needs to improve

"Now, the most important thing is a good recovery because we have some problems, some issues in our addressing room for some injuries. So when this is tomorrow it is a good recovery. The most important is thinking now in the present, some players like for example, playing 80 minutes is necessarily a very good recovery and in the end, prepare the plan and prepare everything for the future because to talk about the next match at this moment in this situation, it's very difficult for, for all the players for, for, for the staff also. So we'll see tomorrow after the recovery, we prepare the plan, we prepare everything." Mohun Bagan coach explained.

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