"Yes," Armando Sadiku agrees that the Durand Cup 2023 Final will be a revenge match for him

Armando Sadiku wants to get revenge on East Bengal when Mohun Bagan Super Giant will face them in the Durand Cup 2023 Final.

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Armando Sadiku | "Yes," Armando Sadiku agrees that the Durand Cup 2023 Final will be a revenge match for him | Sportz Point

Mohun Bagan Super Giant defeated FC Goa in the Durand Cup 2023 semifinal by 2-1 in Kolkata as they are all set to meet Emami East Bengal in the final on Sunday. Noah Sadaoui's goal gave the lead to FC Goa but Jason Cummings and Armando Sadiku's goal helped the Mariners win the semis. There will be a derby in the Durand Cup 2023 Final. In the post-match press conference, Mohun Bagan superstar Armando Sadiku said that the final against East Bengal will be a revenge match for him.

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Does Sadiku think the next derby will be the revenge match for him personally?

"Yeah, because the first derby was my first game here and I played very badly. So I need, I will try to give my best to score to win this trophy," Sadiku answered.

Which team was tougher to play against between Mumbai and Goa?

"I'm happy to play against tough teams because we reached the final in a difficult way. And the team showed good character, showed some moments, good football. We need to improve, of course, but I'm happy about this," the Mohun Bagan Super Giant head coach Juan Ferrando answered.

Does Juan Ferrando want revenge on East Bengal?

East Bengal defeated Mohun Bagan Super Giant 1-0 in the Durand Cup match. This was the first win for East Bengal in the Kolkata derby in over four years, with the last coming in January 2019.

"You know, I think for the time to explain the same this tournament is pre-season for us. Lose or win, for us, it is a pre-season. That is the way for me, it is very important for the players to check in different positions to check out the system. That's what I'm thinking now. A good recovery and prepare for the next match. But now I'm thinking about the next match day by day," Juan Ferrando answered.

What's Juan Ferrando's take on the Penalty decision?

"If we are talking about the penalty, then we can talk about the moment after the first goal. They push, and they have an equal opportunity two times. This is the reason why they score the first goal and they have the second very close. This is the truth. The penalty sometimes was the same for example, when playing. So we have two problems with the injury of Johnny Kauko. The referee says he is not attacking. So these are difficult decisions. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not, but OK. If he thinks about it, he is not in the final because of the reason of the penalty. OK? For me, I prefer to think because I have more problems than to talk about them and so was a position of no," The MBSG coach answered.

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