Fantasy Hockey League? Should You Join One?

This article explains the complexities of joining a fantasy hockey league, surveys what makes it different from other fantasy sports, the potential benefits of playing the league, and tips for making the best of your experience.

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Fantasy Hockey League? Should You Join One? -
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If you've ever found yourself dragged into the fantasy leagues for the NFL, NBA, or MLB, you might be guessing if fantasy hockey is worth your time and money.

Unlike its competitions, fantasy hockey offers some exceptional challenges and rewards which attract both die-hard NHL fans and newcomers to the sport.

This article explains the complexities of joining a fantasy hockey league, surveys what makes it different from other fantasy sports, the potential benefits of playing the league, and tips for making the best of your experience.

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What is fantasy hockey?

Fantasy hockey is a gaming platform where participants make virtual teams with real NHL players. The goal is to outperform other teams based on the actual numerical performance of the players in real games.

Points are scored in various classes, such as goals, assists, and saves, as per the league's scoring system. The player has to draft and manage a roster, make decisions on players and lineups, to assemble a team that can give him/her the highest points throughout the season or any game.

How to play fantasy hockey?

To play fantasy hockey, the first step is to join a fantasy hockey league. One can do it either through a workplace group or by signing up for a free online league like Yahoo, CBS Sports, ESPN, Fantrax, and FanDuel.

Once you've done that, it's important to create a list of players you want on your team. Usually, a fantasy hockey roster consists of 9 forwards, 6 defensemen, 1 utility player, 2 goalies, and 5 to 7 bench players.

Then, you will have to set your lineup daily, deciding which players will take the ice and which will be benched in a particular match. Your fantasy site/platform calculates scores in real time, enabling you to watch your players perform both in a real game and your fantasy standings.

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How can you be a pro at fantasy hockey?

To propel in fantasy hockey, you need to be very much stronger practical with player selection rather than just popular or favourite choices. Use expert lists from ESPN and Dobber Hockey to identify top performers. If your league is on Yahoo, their curated lists are invaluable. Along with the extensive data, concentrate on the key stats relevant to your league's scoring system.

Here are some fundamental strategies to consider:

Drafting strategies

●    Research Player ADP: Consult Average Draft Position (ADP) to gauge player demand and value.

●    Prioritize Top Performers: Focus on drafting players with consistently high performances in key categories.

●    Balance Your Roster: Draft a mix of forwards, defensemen, and goalies to cover all scoring categories.

●    Avoid Injured Players: Steer clear of drafting players with a history of injuries.

●    Utilize Mock Drafts: Practice with mock drafts to develop and refine your strategy.

●    Adapt to Draft Trends: Be flexible and adjust your picks based on the flow of the draft.

●    Keep an Eye on Sleepers: Identify potential breakout stars as sleeper picks for added value.

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Trades and waiver wire

●    Monitor Player Performance: Regularly analyze player stats and trends to identify trade targets.

●    Time Your Trades: Capitalize on high-performing players during their peak to maximize trade value.

●    Assess Trade Offers: Ensure that any trade significantly improves your team across key categories.

●    Stay Active on Waivers: Continuously scout the waiver wire for emerging talent and high-performing free agents.

●    Drop Underperformers: Replace consistently underperforming players with promising waiver wire pickups.

Lineup management

●    Daily Lineup Updates: Make daily adjustments to ensure all active players are in your lineup.

●    Exploit Matchups: Leverage favourable matchups by benching players against tough opponents.

●    Monitor Injuries: Quickly replace injured players to avoid losing points.

●    Utilize Advanced Stats: Use advanced statistics like Corsi and Fenwick to refine player evaluation.

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Staying competitive

●    Stay Informed: Follow NHL news, injuries, and player updates to maintain a competitive edge.

●    Engage with the Community: Participate in fantasy hockey forums and discussions to gain insights and advice.

●    Analyze Competitor Moves: Watch your competitors' transactions to anticipate their strategies.

●    Be Patient: Avoid making impulsive decisions; take a long-term view for sustained success.

Final thoughts

Joining a fantasy hockey league can enhance your overall NHL viewing experience. On the other hand, it will challenge you to be a better fan. It also provides an opportunity to compete with friends, colleagues, and strangers alike, which can lead to new friendships and rivalries.

So, should you join a fantasy hockey league? The answer is a resounding yes.