Hockey World Cup 2023: India vs New Zealand | India out of the world cup after losing to NZ in the shoot out

Check out the full match report of the India vs New Zealand match as India gets knocked out from another home Hockey World Cup.

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Hockey World Cup 2023: India vs New Zealand | India out of the world cup after losing to NZ in the shoot out | Sportz Point

The dream is over for India. They are out of the Hockey World Cup at home after getting defeated by New Zealand in the penalty shootouts. Four quarters could not separate both teams as the full-time score was 3-3. India started the match on a happy note and once was leading the game by 2-0. But, New Zealand came back into the match in the last minute of the second quarter. Then, India made it 3-1 but the Kiwis made another comeback in the match again with two important goals. Although the shootouts were pretty long, India could not score in a sudden death situation as Shamsher missed the goal for the second time on the 18th shoot of the match. Check out our LIVE blog for the match report of India vs Zealand match in the Hockey World Cup 2023.

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Match details | Hockey World Cup 2023

Match time: 7 pm

Date: 22/2/2023

Ground: Kalinga Stadium, Bhubaneswar

Where to watch IND vs NZ Hockey match LIVE in India

India vs New Zealand Hockey match of the Hockey World Cup 2023 can be seen LIVE on Star Sports Network and Hotstar.

India vs New Zealand match LIVE Blog | Hockey World Cup 2023

The LIVE Updates from the match will start here as soon as the match gets started.

LIVE Score | IND 3-3 NZ

7.16 pm | 5'

Both teams trying to create space from the side of the field. Lalit with the best chance of the match till now for India.

7.19 pm | 8'

Nick Woods gets a two-minutes suspension.

7.21 pm | 10'

Manpreet Singh gets a two-minutes suspension.

7.22 pm | 11'

Sreejesh makes a good save for India. Simon Charles with the shot from the box. We are coming to the end of the 1st quarter and both teams are fighting for the first goal. Surprisingly, Kiwis have been good from the right with few attacks.

7.24 pm | 13'

Penalty corner for India. Simon Charles makes a great save of Harmanpreet's penalty corner shot.

7.30 | Q2 Starts

The first chance for the Kiwis. Kim Kingstone misses the goal.

7.32 pm | Q2 3'

GOOOALLLLLLLL! India leads by 1-0. What a steal from Akashdeep and Lalith finishes off in style with a gun of a shot.

7.36 pm | Q2 8'

Indian defenders have been good with traps. Rohidas has been superb alone.

7.38 pm | Q2 9'

India gets two back-to-back penalty corners. Though, Varun's shots get blocked by Dixon. Nilkantha's shot goes into the goal. But, the goal from India gets referred and the goal is cancelled.

7.42 pm | Q2 10'

Another Indian PC is saved by Dixon. Lalit is deflected by the goal on target by is saved by the Kiwi goalkeeper.

7.44 pm | Q2 11'

GOOOALLLLLL! India lead by 2-0

Harmanpreet's penalty gets saved by Dixon. But it gets reflected towards Suchit who smashes the ball straight into the goal.

7.49 pm | Q2 14'


Kiwis are back in it. India 2-1 New Zealand.

A great team goal from them. A crisp pass from Simon finds Lane Sam who taps into the goal for their first goal.

8.00 pm | Q3

The third quarter starts.

8.07 pm | Q3 7'

Both teams trying to build up momentum. 80% of the attacks have been from the right side. Another goal from India will seal the QF spot for India.

8.10 pm | Q3 9'

Dixon makes another great save. Harmanpreet's shot was blocked him again.

8.13 pm | Q3 11'

India wins the referral and earns a penalty corner.

8.14 pm | Q3 12'

GOOOALLLLLLL! Varun shoots it through Dixon and India lead by 3-1!

8.19 pm | Q3 14'

Kiwis are back in it. Fantastic injection and Kane Russell puts it in the goal. India 3-2 New Zealand.

8.24 pm | Q4 starts

8.29 pm | Q4 5'

GOOOOALLLLL! What a goal from New Zealand. Sean Findlay taps in the ball from a bullet of a shot from Hayden

8.29 pm | Q4 7'

Huge, huge save from Pathak. India is under pressure.

8.33 pm | Q4 8'

Harmanpreet misses another penalty corner.

8.35 pm | Q4 9'

Five-minute suspension for Nick Ross. Yellow card for him.

8.44 pm | End of Q4

India escapes a loss at the last minute. Pathak saves India and takes them to shoot out!

Penalty shoot out

Harmanpreet scores for India. India 1-0 NZ

Kane Russell scores for New Zealand. India 1-1 NZ.

Pal Raj Kumar scores for India. India 2-1 NZ.

Findley scores for New Zealand. India 2-2 NZ

Abhishek misses for India. India 2-2 NZ

New Zealand advantage. Phillips Hayden scores for them. India 2-3 NZ

Shamsher misses. India 2-3 NZ

Sreejesh makes a huge save. India 2-3 NZ

Sukhjeet scores for India. India 3-3 NZ

Sreejesh saves for India. India 3-3 NZ

Sreejesh makes another save for India. Nick Woods misses for the Kiwis. India 3-3 NZ.

Harmanpreet's shoot is saved by the Kiwi goalkeeper. India 3-3 NZ.

Sean Findlay scores for New Zealand. India 3-4 NZ.

Raj Kumar scores for India. India 4-4 NZ.

Pathak saves for India. India 4-4 NZ.

Suchit's shot is saved by Hayward. India 4-4 NZ

Sam Lane scores from a deflected ball from Pathak. India 4-5 NZ

Shamsher can't do it. India is out of the world cup. India 4-5 in the shootout.

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