MSSA Hockey Secretary Lawrence Bing turns in his resignation letter

Bing says he was left out of many crucial activities in MSSA, despite being the secetary.
Lawrence Samuel Bing
Lawrence Samuel Bing

Amidst all these Russia-Ukraine controversies, a piece of distressing news came into the limelight. Lawrence Bing, the hockey secretary of the Mumbai Schools Sports Association aka MSSA, resigned with effect from February 23. He unveiled that he was dissatisfied with his job with the organisation.

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What exactly forced Bing to take such step?

Last year, MSSA, one of Asia's oldest school associations, embroiled itself in a slew of controversies. One of them was violating the registration deadline for the U-16 sub-junior hockey nationals. They didn't even adhere to the schedule by not declaring a squad until the very last minute. Naturally, there were a lot of questions and accusations. When asked about it, Sebastian Fernandes, the association's football secretary, answered, "Why don't you ask the hockey secretary (Lawrence Bing)." However, according to Bing, he was completely unaware of the situation. Not only this, there were a lot of situations that were being handled improperly.

In an interview with Sportz Point, Lawrence Bing expressed himself clearly. In his words, "Why I gave resignation is, MSSA hockey body is a big body. I am the hockey secretary there. When the teams are going for nationals, there is a procedure of selection trials, ground booking and all. MSSA president Father Jude Rodriguez used to go with the team as a manager. Sometimes as a coach as well. No proper practice, selection trials were taken. Even the women's team also travelled without coach and manager"

Bing expressed his dissatisfaction at being sidelined and left out on numerous important occasions. "Letters were going from football secretary. At the selection table also, the football secretary used to sit. All these things were happening." Even he got accused of stating something in front of the press that he clearly did not say. Also, after expressing his dissatisfaction clearly in the executive meeting, he received no proper solutions. Instead, the president released a resolution that states 'No game Secretary can talk to the press.'

Not only that, but according to Bing, there were also instances in which the president disobeyed the MSSA Constitutional law. "MSSA Constitution says, only the children who are in the Municipal Corporation areas can take part. Why father Jude is taking outside boys and girls, ?" Bing raised the question. He even informed Hockey India regarding the issue but all he received was a dry reply saying, "It is an internal matter."

"Resignation was my move, after farther's move"- Lawrence Bing

Being disturbed by these things and feeling like his right to speak was being taken away, Bing finally decided to turn in his resignation later. In his words, "Resignation was my move, after farther's move. His move was to pass the resolution. If anytime I would give any statement, father would have debarred me or disqualified me. So, now that I gave resignation, I can openly talk and can say what was the problem."

So, what is the MSSA president saying on Bing's resignation?

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Fr Rodrigues told mid-day that MSSA's executive committee will look into the matter. "Lawrence has sent his resignation and mentioned that he's not well. I'm surprised to learn he was not satisfied working with MSSA. I assure you our sports activities will not suffer in any way," he said.

If i or my panel comes in power, we will work on the employees, ground infastructure development and there are many other agendas we will be working on a priority basis."

Lawrence Bing

However, Lawrence bing now plans on participating in the MSSA president selection election. "Father should have a clear election. If I lose, I promise you I will be the first person to go and congratulate him. But, he should have a fair election," he told Sportz Point. He also plans on enhancing a lot of things if he or his panel comes in power as according to him "there are so many problems in MSSA".

He revealed his further plans by stating, "If I or my panel comes in power, first we will work on the employees, ground infrastructure development. There are many other agendas we will be working on, on a priority basis."

"I am so much prepared if he disqualifies me for any reason, I will make sure that father doesn't win this election," Bing sounded very confident whilst concluding.

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