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If you enjoy sports, you are probably familiar with most sports news sources that are accessible to watch or read. What you may not know is that all live sports broadcasts tend to be biased in favour of the organizations in which they have a direct financial interest. Many news sites don’t offer NHL news. However, nothing compares to hockey among all sports that use a certain type of equipment. Depending on the season, it can be played on the ice or the streets. 

Though not as well-known as baseball or basketball, it is unquestionably more mainstream and longer-lasting than roller derby. Anyone who plays or watches, or uses NHL picks today will find enjoyment in the sport’s physical and mental demands.

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The technical part of the game 

As with any team sport, it is crucial to take into account the technical aspects of the game, particularly scoring and defending. Though defence is usually more vital, the offence should always be taken into account. The best defence is the best offence, as someone once stated. The defence demands great respect in hockey, just like in soccer (which features the goalkeeper), and they should constantly be psychologically and physically prepared to face an incoming offensive

The all-time great Douglass 

Douglas Norman Harvey, also known as Doug Harvey by both friends and admirers, is one of the greatest of them. During his tenure, Doug Harvey was the topic of several hockey news stories in all the locations where the sport is well-known. Doug Harvey earned the sixth spot on the list of the top 100 hockey players in 1998, according to “NHL News,” a magazine dedicated to hockey). He was selected for the all-star squad 11 times in a row. Additionally, he received seven awards for being the best defenseman.

Not only is Doug Harvey well-known for his strong defence. Hockey players were treated like property during his time. Some of the athletes were reluctant to even bring up this issue since they were paid meagre wages and received no benefits, and they feared for their employment if they did. During this time, Harvey started to criticize how team owners kept the majority of the revenue while only receiving a small portion of it. Harvey established a group of players who shared his philosophy, but this turned against him, and he was transferred from team to team.

Harvey was still one of the best, and he was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1973 for his contributions to the formation of the Players Association as well as his excellent defence.

We would constantly be reminded that there were players who forced their way into the hockey hall of fame, and one of them was Doug Harvey, every time we heard the scores given on television or the radio or read the hockey headlines in the local and international publications.


For such great players, you can learn about them through NHL news. However, it is unfortunate that top news outlets keep sidelining the sport of hockey. But for us, we will not leave and stay here to always be informed and updated.

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