IOC Awards: People of China receives the Olympic cup

The people of China have been awarded with the IOC Awards in the form of an Olympic Cup, it has been announced.

Pritha Ghosh
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In acknowledgement of their glorious contribution to the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games, the people of China earned the honourable IOC Awards in the shape of an Olympic Cup. Furthermore, On Saturday, IOC President Thomas Bach made the announcement at the 139th IOC session in Rio de Janeiro.

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Source: InsideTheGames

"The Beijing 2022 could not have achieved this level of excellence without the support of the Chinese people. We could feel their warmth, energy, hospitality and support. They were greatly committed to the success of the Games," Thomas Bach, however, said in his announcement regarding the IOC Awards.

"Chinese people from all walks of life, across all generations. From the cultural world, artists, scientists, engineers, school children and the thousands of volunteers, all welcomed the athletes and us very warmly. This was truly heart-warming and crucial for the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics," he went on to add.

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IOC | IOC Awards | Olympic Cup | People of China |

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However, it is not the first time for the people of China to receive such a prestigious honour. Following Beijing 2008, the IOC presented China with the prestigious Olympic Cup, recognising its significant contribution to the Games.

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