"We need more support and foreign tours": Gymnast Debang Dey shares on dreams of International success

Debang Dey, an Indian army gymnast feels they would need foreign tours and coaches to qualify for the Olympics.

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Gymnastics is one of those very few rare sport in India where no male athlete has participated in the Olympics yet. Though, India had two female gymnasts participating in the Olympics; Dipa Karmakar and Praanti Nayek. But, why it is so tough to even qualify for the Olympics? Indian Army and International gymnast Debang Dey shared his thoughts in an exclusive interview with Sportz Point.


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Debang, coming from Konnagar, West Bengal was built strong enough to start his journey at "Kishore Byam Samiti". Soon he would grab the eyeballs of the coaches and start processing from a young age. In 2015, he won his first gold in any national tournament. He earned the gold in the Junior National School tournament. In 2016, he won silver in the Senior National School tournament. That enabled him to join the Indian Army in 2017. After that, Debang participated in Asian Championship. Though, he did not manage to hand any success that time. As Covid hit every sport in the country he also had to wait for his chance to win his next medal till 2021.

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Debang Dey has done a decent job for a young athlete. But he is not satisfied. He just like other gymnasts from India wants to represent India at the highest level. Although he wants to take one step ahead. With a jam-packed schedule coming in 2022, he is focusing on World Cups and Commonwealth game qualifications.

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Debang Dey on recnet scenario of Gymnastics

When asked about the current scenario of gymnastics in India, Debang was very on point about it. He thinks the game needs more exposure and international coaches for the overall development of the athletes. According to him, the athletes need more technical empowerment within their game to make it to the international and Olympic levels.

In addition to that, Debang feels that state governments also need to support their athletes when they are trying to make it in the game. "The state government of Bengal needs to provide jobs for sportspersons. Moreover, they need to take care of young talents to have more talents coming up the ranks", Debang said.

"Especially the gymnasts need more safe training place to train and prepare. In Bengal, we only have one SAI centre. We definitely need more safe training places for gymnasts"

Debang Dey on current gymnastics scenario

Debang also thinks that guardian needs to push their children to do something in sport. He believes that it will not only make them fit but also take Indian sport to the next level. "According to me, every guardian should make their children learn gymnastics", he added.

However, Debang feels more organisations like the Go Sport foundation needs to come in front and help young talents blossom. Debang is personally sponsored by the Go Sport Foundation currently.

Amidst all of these limitations, Debang is hopeful that India is very to have its first male gymnasts in Olympics. Debang is currently preparing for the next FIG World Cup in 2022.

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