Most Popular Sports To Bet On In India

Cricket, Football, Kabaddi and Horse racing are among the most popular sports to bet on in India

Most Popular Sports To Bet On In India

Cricket, Football, Kabaddi and Horse racing are among the most popular sports to bet on in India
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In India, wagering on casino games is quite common, but sports betting is just as popular. Many Indians are simply crazed sports lovers. Here, where individuals enjoy a wide variety of sports, the concept of inclusivity can also be seen. When it concerns sports betting, there’s also an apparent pattern that can be seen.

If you’re new to sports, you probably have the impression that most people enjoy watching and betting on sports. But this time, things are a little different. More individuals are interested in learning about the best sports in India to wager on.

In India, people enjoy watching a wide variety of sports. Regarding gambling, they also want to take advantage of incentives like free bets, deposit bonuses, and cashback choices. You can learn further about deposit bonuses here. The deposit bonus is among the most well-liked benefits in India.

Before drawing any conclusions, it’s crucial to consider sports with large fan bases. Let’s rank some of the most popular sports in India depending on fan support and betting promotions provided by betting sites like those found on

1. Cricket

Cricket is among India’s most mainstream sports because of the many devoted followers who’ve never missed a minor or major match. Cricket betting has indeed been practised for a while, but it was when the advent of online betting that it gained popularity.

Currently, cricket is likely among the sports that Indian players enjoy betting on online. While cricket betting is reasonably common in India, relatively few individuals are serious about it. There are devoted followers of the sport who are constantly eager to bet on this “gentleman’s game.”

Playing online games is becoming more and more popular; thus, it makes sense that cricket betting is also prevalent.

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2. Football

India is where football originated in the nineteenth century. The British soldiers introduced it to India, and the Mohun Bagan team’s founding in the 1890s marked the beginning of its ascent.

Even though cricket is India’s primary passion, football stands as the second-most popular sport, and since then, the sports betting market has expanded.

Since football and the sports sector as a whole have grown significantly, there have been several changes in the Indian sports sector. Football has typically placed among the top three sports in terms of fan engagement, TV coverage, and player engagement.

The football betting market has seen a substantial increase for years and is currently at its height. When it concerns participants, spectators, and fan support, football has consistently topped the list.

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3. Kabaddi

While numerous nations throughout the world enjoy betting on sports like horse racing, football, and cricket, kabaddi is a sport that is incredibly well-liked in India.

Kabaddi, a sport that is practised in a few nations in the Indian subcontinent, is fascinating to follow and could be a great deal of fun to wager on. While there isn’t quite as much interest in betting on kabaddi as in football or cricket, it is currently gaining recognition in India.

Many analysts predict that kabaddi betting will surpass football and racing in prominence in India within the next few years. Among the occasions where kabaddi betting is very prominent is during the Asian Games. The Kabaddi World Cup and Pro Kabaddi League are two other essential occasions to watch for.

4. Horse Racing

Since the Greek Olympic Games, horse racing has been among the oldest sports on the planet. There is a solid reason why horse racing has become one of the most widely bet on sports over the decades.

The government’s restrictions on horse race betting are one of the key factors contributing to its popularity in India. It has been authorized in most of India since it is regarded as a skill-based game rather than a chance.

Of course, another significant aspect that influences this is the existence of several turf clubs across India and the year-round presence of horse racing events.

5. Rummy

Rummy is the most well-liked gambling game in India, yet from the general public’s perspective, it’s just a game. Although several nations participate in this game, the remaining of them have not yet taken it seriously.

However, once an Indian player begins to play rummy online in India, they become immediately enamoured with the game. Nowadays, it has been calculated that approximately 70% of all rummy game wagering takes place online.

This data further demonstrates that Indians enjoy rummy betting and have turned it into one of their preferred online sports. Indian players can place relatively straightforward bets on online rummy to see if their competitor would ultimately beat their hand.

6. Tennis

Tennis completes the list of the top five sports in India right now for betting. Nowadays, tennis is performed virtually year-round, so there is nearly always anything to bet on for individuals looking via Indian online bookmakers.

The US Open, Wimbledon, French Open, and Australian Open generate the most attention in tennis betting in India. Still, it’s also available to wager on Masters events and numerous other events that are held, including the Davis Cup.

A few of the finest professionals to ever represent India include Leander Paes, Sania Mirza, and Mahesh Bhupathi. Vijay Amritraj rose to prominence in the 1970s and is now considered a game hero. Tennis betting is still widespread even though India currently lacks top talent in the sport.


These are a few of the most popular sports that Indians like betting on, and the odds for each can be researched on betting sites that accept Indian players. Whatever sport you choose to wager on, it’s crucial to remember the sportsbook’s license.

This exemplifies the brand’s commitment to safety. Decide which sport you want to bet on—whether it’s the most renowned, cricket, or a less well-known one, like tennis—but make sure the betting website you pick is secure, and always remember the importance of being responsible.

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