4 Major Best Tennis Tournaments to Attend</strong>

Wimbledon, French Open, Australian Open and US Open are the 4 major best tennis tournaments to attend for a fan.

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4 Major Best Tennis Tournaments to Attend | Sportz Point

Tennis is one of top tier sporting events in the world. Known for its colourful and entertaining tournaments, There are several events in different countries with different organizers that complete what is known as the world tour series tournaments that are always anticipated by fans, famous players, and lovers of the sport.

4 Major Best Tennis Tournaments to Attend | Sportz Point

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Grand slam tournaments are one of those special tournaments in Tennis. They are known for their rich history and tradition, and most players dream and covet winning such events to add them to the accolades of their careers. Those who accumulate high numbers of grand slam titles are recognized as a G.O.A.T(Greatest Of All Time) in the sport. Carlos Alcaraz is the current winner of the last Grand Slam tournament for this year which is the US Open 2022; the odds in tennis betting are in his favour to replicate another grand slam win this year.

In tennis, here are the four best significant events known as the Grand slam:


Wimbledon is one of the long-standing historical and traditional tennis events in the world. It usually has the appearance of England's Royal Family and World Celebrities in the entertainment industry, Sports, and other works of life.

It is open to the best of the best players based on current form and ranking. Players who participate find the lawn and court at the All-England court quite fascinating. That not all players are also, by long-standing tradition, restricted to all-white dresses or outfits. Though the specific time in a calendar year might change, it occurs in the early summer and takes only two weeks from start to finish.

US Open

United States National Tennis Center Flushing, Meadows, New York, hosts the US Open. The hard ground has witnessed some iconic matchups and memorial contests, and just like Wimbledon, celebrities often grace the occasion to add spice to the event.

In terms of the ambience, the US Open is yet to disappoint, and that is why it makes up for one of the best tennis tournaments to attend. The tournament is often the last grand slam to round off the tennis season as it usually occurs between late August and Early September, that is, into summer.

Australian Open

The famous Melbourne ground is a hard court to play on, but this event usually ushers in other grand slam tournaments for the year. The court is always packed with excited fans who do not like to miss out on any action.

In recent years, famous Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic has made the ground his fortress. Having won nine titles at the event after first winning it in 2008. For the following year's event, it issues due to injuries.

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French Open

The French Open is on the famous Roland Garros Court, known for its hard clay surface. It is a tough ground to play on due to the surface, but players with high physical strength, stamina, and agility tend to do exceptionally well on this surface.

One of which happens to be the Spaniard Rafael Nadal, having won it at an incredible number 14 times, and it is no surprise he is the termed "King of Clay." Another exciting thing about the French Open is that Paris is the home of this tournament which has a lengthy history dating back over a hundred years. Don't you want to go to Paris? If you do, you should not be too late to start planning toward it, as it has been scheduled for May 28 to July 11, 2023.


In men's tennis history, only two players, namely: Don Budge and Rod Laver, have managed to win all four grand slam titles in a single year. Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are the current highest and most active grand slam winners in tennis history, each with 22 and 21 grand slam titles, respectively. Perhaps next tennis season will see them stack more from the four grand slam titles. After all, what are the odds against them reaching such a milestone?