Marcelo Arevalo & Mate Pavi win 2024 French Open Men’s Doubles

Marcelo Arévalo and Mate Pavić won their first Grand Slam title as a team at the 2024 French Open after a sensational finale where they defeated Simone Bolelli and Andrea Vavassori in a two-set tennis thriller.

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Arevalo and Pavic have won the 2024 French Open finals in the Men's Doubles Category -

Marcelo Arevalo and Mate Pavic won the 2024 French Open finals in the Men's Doubles Category.

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In a thrilling final at the 2024 French Open, El Salvador's Marcelo Arevalo and Croatian Mate Pavic clinch victory in the men's doubles, capturing their first grand slam as a pair at Roland Garros. They faced a formidable duo, Italian pair Simone Bolelli and  Andrea Vavassori in a match that tested their resilience and teamwork across three compelling sets. Arevalo and Pavic defeated Bolelli and Vavassori by 7-5, 6-3 to win their first major.

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Set-by-Set Analysis 

First Set: 7-5

Pavic and Arevello were absolutely rudimental from the start of 2024 French Open Finals -
Mate Pavic and Marcelo Arévalo's partnership from the first set was rudimental in winning the 2024 French Open Finals. Image Source: Roland-Garros

Marcelo Arévalo and Mate Pavić’ came out with a strong start, putting their superior coordination and aggressive playing through the nets in the demonstration. They gained a crucial lead, breaking their opponents' serve early. Bolelli and Vavassori struggled to find their rhythm, particularly when they served, allowing Arévalo and Pavić to control the set. The Salvadoran-Croatian pair took advantage of their opportunities and maintained their serves with absolute consistency, closing the set 7-5.

Second Set: 6-3

Simone Bolelli and Andrea Vavassori gave a good fight but were unable to make a comeback -
Simone Bolelli and Andrea Vavassori gave a good fight but were unable to make a comeback. Image Source | Roland-Garros

In the second set, Marcelo Arévalo and Mate Pavić’ again started strong and executed their precise game plan. They broke Simone Bolelli and Andrea Vavassori's serve early, similar to the first set, which proved decisive. Their experience and effective communication were on full display, allowing them to dominate the net and handle the baseline exchanges with poise. The second set saw fewer errors from Arévalo and Pavić, their relentless pressure led to a 6-3 victory, securing the championship.

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Tactical Highlights

  • Net Play: Arévalo and Pavić were exceptional at the net, often cutting off angles and forcing their opponents into difficult passing shots. Their volleys were crisp and accurate, a crucial factor in their win.
  • Serving: Both pairs served well throughout, but the champions' ability to maintain a high first-serve percentage in critical moments was a key element in their success.
  • Break Points: Arévalo and Pavić were particularly effective at converting break points, a critical difference-maker in both sets they won. Their ability to break Bolelli and Andrea Vavassori's serve early in sets gave them the upper hand.

Stats Table

Arévalo and Pavić

Categories Bolelli and Vavassori
4 Aces 1
74% First serve % 75%
77% Win % on 1st serve 66%
41% Win % on 2nd serve 57%
3/3 Break points 1/7
21 Receiving points won 22
68 Points won 59
13 Games won 8
3 Max games won in a row 2
5 Max points won in a row 6
47 Service points won 37
10 Service games won 7

Marcelo Arévalo and Mate Pavić’s triumph at the 2024 French Open is the most compelling evidence of their excellence, tactical wit, and strong partnership. Not only is it their first Grand Slam win in this championship, but it might also be the beginning of their reign in men’s doubles, and they have shown at Roland Garros that such dominance is a real possibility. Their demonstration of strong strategic thinking and unbeatable mental strength is what could be expected in their upcoming games in the ATP.

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